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Angels by: Connor Dority

June 19, 2019 - 2019: Asha Ki Chamak

Howdy y’all its me again coming to you from the other side of the planet. Boy it was definitely an eventful week and one to remember! From the last time I blogged, we have been teaching in the schools clear until Saturday. It was a non-stop grind from the moment we landed in India. Sunday, we had the opportunity to attend a Hindu temple and got to see them do their prayers and religious rituals. It was such an amazing experience to see how other religions work and what they believe. After the temple, we got to go up to a school that another group of teens are teaching at and paint the walls that were losing color and clean up some trash in their courtyard.

 Yesterday, our YMAD group was invited to a private school named Cambridge just on the out skirts of Kullu. One thing that made this a very special event is that Monday is a holiday for India and school is supposed to be out. But, Cambridge kept school in session for half a day to have a cultural exchange with us and to acknowledge our service that we were doing.  As we arrived at the school, we were given an honorary welcome by the staff, top performing students, and class officers. The band played for us as we approached the outdoor auditorium, then had a standing ovation from all 700 students (K-12). Not going to lie it was very intimidating at first, but I enjoyed every second of it. From there both us and Cambridge danced and singed to respect and honor our different cultures. We were then invited inside to have refreshments with the student class leaders and the principal staff.

I’d like to share a though I’ve had on my mind lately. All around us, no matter where we are or what we are doing on this world we are constantly surrounded by angels. It could be the neighbors that come shovel your driveway on a snowy day, the person who smiles to make our sucky day a little better, the little children you teach that show unconditional love, or the guardian angels who protect you in all dangerous or harmful situations. I know that we have been protected during this whole trip and God has a hand in all aspects of our lives. Things don’t happen by coincidences, but by purpose from our Father in Heaven and I’m forever grateful for it.

As much as I love serving the kids here, I think I’m ready to come home. Upon my return home, I’ll be preparing to serve the people of France as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Love and miss you all!

7 Responses to “Angels by: Connor Dority”

  1. So happy that you are one of the angels I’m surrounded by! Thank you for your example! Teaching us all to reach outside of ourselves. ❤️

  2. I’m so so glad you are having the time of your life and helping those kids. I miss you though and you should come home now. But enjoy the last days you have there and spread your contagious smile and happiness. Say hi to your mom for me!

    Love you!
    Madi <3

  3. Gandhi once said, “All other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.” I am so glad you have found your joy. It radiates from your countenance. I can see it. I cannot even begin to imagine the impact you have left on these little ones hearts, you are an angel to them. Don’t let this time go by to fast. You’ll be home before you know it ❤️

    PS. Hi Mom! Connor you better be being nice to Mom or else I will bring the hurt when you get home 😉 Love you both!

  4. The cultural exchange sounds like it was awesome. I appreciate your thought about angels. You will be a great missionary.

  5. Oh my goodness the love of the Savior is all around you while you’re serving. No matter where you are. But these pics and words are so very priceless. Love you Connor and I’m so very proud of you.
    Love Aunt Shandi

  6. Dear Friend
    I feel your heart in your words here. It’s been a pleasure to watch you grow over the years, Connor. Remember when you taught me to spiral a football for part of your merit badge? That was years ago. Since then it seems you’ve been moving forward at light speed. You’re a natural teacher; kind, approachable, and dedicated. Thanks for sharing.

    Mama Scan
    PS some angels mowed our lawn last night.
    I think it was your dad and brother

  7. Oh Connor, I love these sweet pictures so much, they are absolutely frame worthy! I’m so proud of you, and I’m so excited to see what experiences you’ll get to have next! I can already tell you’re going to be such an amazing missionary!! I love you so much, buddy!! Keep up the good work!!
    Love, Aunt Raynie

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