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Haikus of ~the~ India

June 15, 2019 - Uncategorized

Ashmita is cute

I wrestled a kid today

I laugh a lot here


Kullus powers out

I danced in rain and lightning

I’m very happy


This is so unreal

I’m in freaking India

There’s lots of weed here


Crossing roads is AH

A drunk man came on my bus

Yashika is cool


Shout out to Adam

It is his birthday, he’s cool

Hi, have a good day


Here’s five syllables

Happy Father’s Day to Dad

And to my Grandpa


Hi mom Hi grandma Hi dad


6 Responses to “Haikus of ~the~ India”

  1. I’m loving these pictures! And your haikus! And that you are loving India!! Miss you, but not enough to wish you were home. Only because I know you are having the time of your life, and you are happy. Otherwise, yes, I’d wish you were home. I love that you are thriving there:) I can’t wait to hear more!!! Love you- Mom

  2. Lol..
    I had to google
    what "Haiku" meant.

    How did you get so smart?
    I love that you love India.
    I am getting worried

    After reading all these posts
    Is anyone going to come home?
    Everyone says they do not want to leave.

    But then again…
    You just have girls camp to return too
    Oh, and a few weddings

    But hey…
    We have real showers…
    With hot water.

    Love you lots..
    Happy days..
    I hope that kid is okay.

    And you as well…


  3. Love the Haiku!

  4. A haiku for Gabby:

    We miss your smile
    Won’t you send us some signal?
    That you miss us too

  5. Paige! Love the post you smarty pants. Will you nudge your cute friend Gabby and tell her we’d like to know she’s alive and missing us? Ok, I know she’s not missing us and that she’s in love with India, but hey, throw us a bone here! Love you both so much! Keep adventuring! (Yes it’s a word)

  6. PAIGE! i love you so much and i can’t wait for you to come home!! i hope you’re having the best time of your life & that you know that i’m thinking about you always!! i was telling gabby, but when you guys are all done with your vacations and stuff we NEED to have girls week and just like spend so much time together before life gets crazy crazy! i love you & i miss you and i can’t wait for you to come home!!!

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