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Didi by: Cambria McAfee

June 15, 2019 - Uncategorized



Definition of living in the moment: When a kid runs into your arms so you can pick them up, twirl them around, and say I love you, and the world around you doesn’t matter. It is just you and the kid. Five days of teaching these bright kids has shown me that the world is so much more than a post, a comment, a like, or followers. It is about the people you touch and allowing them to touch you. Our hearts have so much power. More power than any of us can imagine. I know that is cheesy, but its real. This is real. A moment can come and go but you have to be in the moment to allow the moment to carry on. Eye to eye, ear to ear, life to life.


Tonight Chris told us about a story Gretta told that we are all connected by a red thread. This thread connects us because of the experiences we have that are the same. Not only am I connected to my friends I have come to India with but I am not connected with the kids in my school.


Ayush: The most contagious smile with the cutest dimple.

Angeli 1: Spells everything and is so bright and gives the biggest hugs you can’t imagine would exist.

Angeli 2: She knows “arm” better than anyone and loves phones “Pone please pone!” Gopal: May be a trouble maker but blows the biggest kisses to you. Aryan: Might be little but full of power.

Samit: Repeats everything clearly and truly will go far. Rohan: Chocolate eyes that are more beautiful than the view from our school.

Simran: Best braided pig tails and says “Flower” with the CUTEST indian accent.

Vashnavi: loves to be picked up to pop bubbles and will hold my finger if both my hands are already being held.

Manju: Says “My name is Manju” with power and comfort and she makes everyone around her happy.

Akshita: Has the softest smile that makes you want pick her up and pack her your bag.

Kritansh: Always says orange for mango and mango for orange but will always laugh about it after.

Priyanka: Will give you the BIGGEST smile with squished face and everything if you say “teeeeeeeth.” Amrita: the cutest freckle in her eyebrow and waves high as fast as she can. Shagun: Her and Gopal are buddies and you can imagine the trouble they create but she loves going to the bathroom. Palak: She was so confused the first day we were there and it was obvious but now greets us with an amazing exciting smile.

Manakshi: The first one to call me Deedee (older sister) and it melted my heart. Lucky: Has one mood, confused, but will give you a high five when he gets the answer right. RIjul: So badly wants to love everyone she encounters.

Praveen: One of the three musketeers but is so kind, I want to be as kind as him.

Varun: Another three muskateer, but smiles the biggest when he gets something wrong. Devinder: Last of the three musketeers and has the biggest crush on Maddy and takes everything I say and says it like “one second.” Angel: A plump belly but a beauty. Chitra: she is a porcelain doll.

Diya: My little princess who my heart swells for. As you can see these kids are going to be so hard to leave. Just saying bye to them at the end of the day makes me sad. I am sorry to my family but I don’t want to come home. I have learned so much and can not wait to bring it home for everyone to feel. I will spread my red string everywhere. I LOVE MY INDIAN KIDS. P.S HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!

5 Responses to “Didi by: Cambria McAfee”

  1. Love that you are getting to experience this!!! 🥰

  2. So good to hear about your amazing experience it sounds awesome! Making a difference and spreading love in this world right now is the very best thing you could possibly be doing and obviously it is blessing your spirit and testimony of what truly matters, you’re an 😇

  3. Cam you are killing it! I love hearing all the experiences you have been having and how beautiful your outlook on life is!! You are making me want to experience this in person! I love you, have so much fun!!

  4. Cambria,

    I have enjoyed your posts so much I have been sharing it with everyone. I tell people at the gas station, at the movie theatre, in the bathroom ( yes I actually did that) . I was in Costco today and an Indian woman was standing in line. I told her I had to hug her just so I could feel closer to you. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She was pretty confused, but gave me a really good hug. Dad, says thank you. I know you don’t want to come home, but we are counting the days to see you again. See you soon Didi.

    P.s. cwynn has been looking for you everywhere.
    Love mom and dad.

  5. Cambria,
    Your sharing here about the power of love and being in the moment resonates with me because of an amazing experience I’m having right now today with extended family (Tim’s in Oregon) as I’ve deliberately chosen to be fully present and show up with no agenda, just love.

    You are wise. I’m thrilled for you to have such a life changing experience. You’re going to carry that love forward to your life back home and your bright future! Sending love and gratitude. Thanks for sharing. -McKell (Mrs Jim Tim)

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