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The Human Need for Connection

August 10, 2018 - Uncategorized

Just as human beings have a basic need for food and shelter, we also have a basic need to belong to a group and form relationships. Aristotle famously said, “Man is by nature a social animal . . .” and studies have shown this to be true.  From the time we are infants until the day we die, scientists have found that humans need connection to others.  This connection improves not only our happiness and mental state, but also our physical health.

Recently, the news has been full of stories on how people, especially teens are more depressed and feel more isolated than ever before.  Scientists are concluding that social media and our connection/addiction to our “devices” is a big contributor to this epidemic.  We think we are connecting to people through our social media platforms or virtually playing games with our “friends,” but we are lacking the one on one personal interaction that comes from being together.  Spending time together helps build trust, understanding, love and appreciation for those we are with the most.

Our YMAD group recently had an activity in which we played various games.  The purpose was getting to know each other better.  During our trip to India, we will be spending a lot of time together.  We will be servicing others and have a busy schedule of activities that need to be done while we are there.  Knowing each other and understanding each other, including our strengths and personalities, will help us be more effective at the things we need to get done and will help us work better together to accomplish our goals.  We had a great time playing the games . . . and we know that our bonds we are building will help us, not only in India, but long after the trip ends.    When we serve others and work together to do good, we all benefit.  #bandhuorbust

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