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The Parachute- Kalen Gunter

May 10, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

Two cloths, seventy kids, a billion smiles.

Today right before lunch we brought out the big guns- the parachutes. Immediately I felt nostalgia and like a kid again for a couple of minutes…A really tall kid. It brought me back to those elementary gym days when I relived the most anticipated day of the week-parachute day. For anyone reading this who knows me, you know I’m competitive and always have been, which is why I remember parachute day so well. Specifically I remember the bumps and bruises resulting from parachute day, but most of all I remember the laughs and smiles.

Today, I didn’t even touch the parachute but I felt that same joy watching these kids, whom I’ve grown to love even after a few short days, scream and laugh as they played.

What’s really incredible is that it’s these same smiles and laughs that are present during my lessons. The students are eager to learn and are happy to be at school, something I can’t say I felt as a kid. So I guess you could say my nostalgia is also in a way regret. Regret that I didn’t appreciate my teachers enough growing up and didn’t think learning was fun. These kids truly are inspiring.

In conclusion I believe everyone should buy a parachute. 

Kalen Gunter 

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  1. Amazing! Glad you are having so much fun!

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