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Impressions – Jesse Cowden

May 10, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

India is amazing. We have an amazing team, amazing translators, amazing people around us, amazing food, and of course Raj is amazing. 

Being in India again is incredible. I feel complete here when I’m in India especially when I’m with the kids here in Kullu. We have a school of about 70 students which can be a lot to deal with, but our team has handled the situation phenomenally. The kids love having us here at their school and they welcome us when we walk into the school. The students do there prayers every morning after they welcome us to school which is amazing to watch. The kids actually got in a little trouble from their teachers yesterday for welcoming us but not the teachers to school which was kind of funny. 

During the lessons, Ina, one of our translators, came up to me and told me how much the teachers appreciated what we were doing. She said the teachers were amazed at how fast the students were learning because we have fun methods that engage the kids. The teachers find it very interesting that we teach through fun and art because fun and art are not teaching methods in India, but they can see how fast the kids are learning. It felt incredible to know that not only he students appreciated us, but also the teachers of the school could recognize the difference we were making in the lives of the children! 

Our team is simply amazing and doing a wonderful job! They all adapt to situations quickly to fit the needs of the kids they are teaching. I can see how much our team is enjoying India and what we are doing here which makes me happy. The Indian culture is so amazing and bright. We go to the market to get street food which is incredible! We’ve made friends in the market who offer us tea when we walk by. I’m glad to see what we are doing is making an impact on others because India is surely making a lasting impression on me. 

– Jesse 

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