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What The Hail? – Sandon Sperry

May 7, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

What the Hail

It feels amazing to be back here. It may be cheesy to say this, but a part of me genuinely feels like it’s made it back home. It’s like Northern India is this dear friend I haven’t seen in years but have missed a lot. And all of sudden we were able to see each other kind of unexpectedly in the middle of our chaotic lives and share an epic hug. That nice hug feeling is what I feel right now. After almost two straight days of travel it’s a massive relief that I, team Tyaagi, as well as all our bags, made it here to Kullu. 

Did I mention that it’s beautiful here? No? Well, it’s gorgeous. The Himalayas surround us. Colorful houses speckle the sides of every hill and mountain face. Currently, there is a festival in full swing so yes there’s traffic, but there are also hundreds of vendors and even a carnival with a Ferris wheel. (sketchy).

It was in the middle of the afternoon while myself, Jesse, and Dylan were running around the carnival that whopper sized hail decided to fall on us. It came out of nowhere. One second there were clear skies, then there was thunder, then their was a rush of rain, and then hail. All with in about 10 minutes total. We found shelter fast enough. 

I’m happy and still healthy and ready to teach these wonderful kids in this wonder full place. Peace out. – Sandon

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