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It Takes a Village- Samye Snell

May 18, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

Our trip to India is coming to an end. Just like that our trip that started in August is over. Our team is so unique and we have been kind and empathetic with each other. We have learned what true friends are and how to be present and live in the moment. We have served a small group of people in India, but our impact is much bigger than that. We have not let dogma defy us and with all of the challenges we have faced we succeed and move forward. Looking back, our team has come so far. Half of our team has gone to India with YMAD before and some of us know each other previously, but we now have more knowledge about each other. We have been able to be open with our personal lives, our hardships, our relationships, and the simple things about us. We have been thoughtful and have taken the time to get to know one another. When we talk about highs and lows, spending time together is always mentioned. I have loved seeing everyone’s personalities bloom and seeing how everyone fits in our puzzle. We truly are a team. This connection is bigger than we are and is something that will always be special to us all. Here are a few short thoughts about our team members:


Becca: The most thoughtful person that has brought herself out of her comfort zone and has been bold, honest, and trustworthy. Becca was an amazing teacher with the kids and we all know how much she cared about the kids and that their feelings were reciprocated.

Dylan: A leader, the team dad, and a positive outlet for everyone. Dylan lights up the room and starts conversations with the group and strangers he meets and never makes his encounters about himself. Dylan serves others and is friendly to people around him.

Emma: The most positive, hilarious, and open person. Emma has made everyone feel comfortable and has kept our team smiling and reminding us about the simple things in our lives. Emma celebrates every small victory and shares it with everyone.

Jesse: An amazing leader who is an example to all of us. Jesse has been flexible, fair, and truly cares about our team. Jesse is the best co-leader I could ask for. He has put in countless hours of prep and hours during this expedition to make sure things have run smoothly and we all enjoy our time here. 

Josh: After being sick for three days, Josh came back to life when he taught the kids and was social with the group. Josh reminds us all that we shouldn’t take our lives for granted and was amazing with the kids at our school.

Kalen: An intellectual, unique, and positive person. Kalen is selfless and always mentions her highs and rarely had lows. Kalen was a team player and brought a happy-go-lucky mood to our team. Kalen has been outgoing from the start and keeps our team positive.

Kenzie: Kenzie was not only amazing with the kids, but has been amazing with our team. She has taken the time to get to know people and truly cares about all of the relationships she has made. Kenzie makes everyone feel loved.

Maddie: Maddie can put herself in any situation and make the best of it and bring out the best in others. Maddie recognizes those who feel uncomfortable and makes them feel important. Maddie uses her time to serve others.

Sandon: Sandon is a cultured human who has wisdom to share with our group that has changed our perspectives. Sandon has learned to be present in the moment and has reminded us to do the same. His unique outlook on life makes him special and thoughtful in all of his relationships.

Sara: Sara has taken herself out of her comfort zone and is always the one asking people about their lives and making them feel important. Sara puts others before herself and has made this trip amazing for everyone around her. Sara is the friend you wish you could always have 


Thank you to everyone who supported us individually and as a team. Thank you to Allison, the Palmers, the Cowarts, Corey, Raj, and the rest of the YMAD board and those behind the scenes who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. This trip has meant something different to us all, but we have shared a common value of our team and what we have overcome and accomplished. Operation Tyaagi is fearless. I am humbled to have a team like this. 

With love and much gratitude, Samye

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  1. Samye: Samye is someone who gets things done. She is always looking out for others and their needs. Samye cares deeply and sticks to her guns. She was an amazing leader and most important of all an amazing person!

    Thank you so much Samye and Jesse- you both did so much for our group. Love you both!

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