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Mothers- Kalen Gunter

May 14, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

This weekend I’ve been thinking about Mother’s: my own, my step-mothers, Indian mothers, and other women in my life who have shown me love. I’ve come to the conclusion that sure being a doctor is difficult, but nothing compares to the role of a mother. 

This week in India I’ve been a teacher to these kids even though I don’t feel at all qualified. I’m still learning myself. Teaching this week has made me realize just how difficult it is to teach a child and especially how hard it is to attend to their every demand and desire, and that’s just with one child let alone seven. I’ve wiped noses, wiped tears, been frustrated, and even been bitten this last week, but it’s all worth it when those sweet kids wrap their arms around me and tell me they love me. I imagine that’s what it’s like being a mother. So here’s my shoutout to all of the mothers out there: thank you. Thank you for showing a kind of love that only mothers can. Thank you to my mom and to my step-mom for making me the person I am today. You’re awesome and I love you.

-Kalen Gunter

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  1. Kalen, you are a truly exceptional person. Through the years you have inspired me in ways that you may never know. Being there watching and helping you grow has taught me more than you can imagine. We may not share the same blood but I am so proud to have you as my daughter. You have developed into a very intelligent independent, hard working and caring individual! As much as I would like to take some credit for that I think 90 percent is your determination, drive and exceptional moral code that has taken you to this beautiful place. The best a mother can hope for is to have independent, happy self sufficient children and you have far surpassed this. Love you so much! Amiee

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