4th Day Waking up in Indiaaaaaaa- Emma Sturt

May 10, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

This place is unreal. 

Today I rolled out of my rock hard bed (literally it feels like concrete with a thin blanket on top of it haha my hip is consistently bruised from sleeping on my side) anyways I woke up to the sunshine and a beautiful view of Kullu. There are lush green mountains everywhere you look and people too. 

We drove to the school we teach at in little rickshaws, which don’t have doors and have limited to no leg room but it’s the best way to see the flood of people and colorful shops in the market. I love that little drive. I’m honestly not sure how we haven’t been hit by a car yet but the driving is pure chaos… but controlled chaos? When we arrived at the school I got an overflow of “good morning mam” and hugs. It’s one of my favorite things. The kids have so much love to give. It instantly makes me smile and makes me excited to teach, love and play with the little nuggets all dayyyyy. At times teaching can get difficult when kids are complaining to me in a language I don’t understand, or are fighting with each other but overall it’s so rewarding. They are so excited to learn, and are engaged in every lesson. They give me smiles and hugs, they hold my hands, braid my hair and make laugh constantly. 

After teaching, we hiked to a little school to do some service. We are repainting the inside of the school, and building a fence. Me and Sarah had to dust the floors and move desks to clear out a section to prepare to paint…BRAVE SOULS. So nervous that a spider would jump on us or that one would crawl down our necks and shirts. I swear, even now I’m wiping my neck or hitting my arm. Major PTSD. I had to go to the bathroom but there were spiders everywhereeee. I decided to abort that mission and squat down in the dirt between the bathroom and the school. Once I committed to squatting I noticed that there was a colony of weird caterpillars and creatures all around. So yep. That was great. Haha. As I got back from the bathroom I went to walk in the school to continue to help out. As I was walking in the school I got a HUGE amount of paint dropped on my face and almost into my eyeballs. Haha Freaking Jesse cowden got distracted and dropped his paint, I rinsed off most of it but the picture was of some of the paint I didn’t wipe off all the way :). 

After our service we got back from the school and had our daily dose of rice and cuurrrryyyy with a coke obviously.

Well. There you have it, a day in India with Emma Sturt. I love it here. The people, the food, the culture, the landscape the kids. I love it all.

Here’s to more wonderful days in indiaaaaa

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