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Not Crying Tomorrow: By Leesa Tymofichuk

November 27, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Azadi

Not Crying Tomorrow – Leesa Tymofichuk

Sunday was a fun day because we got to go to the mini-Switzerland of India. People were walking around carrying bunnies to take pictures with for money but honestly, they were kind of creepy because they had red eyes, so I definitely was not trying to pay for that. I spent most of my day doing henna and hanging out. I also saw some sheep! I showed them my sheep henna and I’m pretty sure they digged it.


Monday was our first day back in school after a long break and it was much needed. I missed the kids so much! They made fun of me for crying at the culture exchange (even though they cried too) and they gave me notes that said ‘Not crying tomorrow’. It was so funny. The cutest moment of the day was definitely when the teachers came around to all the girls at my school and wrote ‘I love you’ in henna on our arms. 


I think I’ve built a lot of muscle on this trip because all the kids want me to pick them up and throw them in the air. I was fine with throwing the little kids in the air but when 10 year-olds asked to be thrown, I definitely pulled a muscle. Regardless, I still had so much fun playing with the kids.


The goodbye on Tuesday was really hard but we still had a fun day at school. I taught my emergency lesson which was about occupations. The kids loved playing with playdough, but I definitely had to stop our little troublemaker, Rohit, from eating it. We handed out pictures of ourselves to the kids and they freaked out over all my dance pictures. Aayan kept teasing me saying I had four boyfriends because he thought the boys in the dance pictures were my boyfriends.


Today is my last day blogging and my last day teaching. I have had so much fun getting to know all the little kids at Sidhpura and all the YMAD girls. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but all the fun and life changing experiences have made it worth the hard goodbye. 

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  1. Tears are a great thing when they come with these memories! And…. I Told you they’d comment on all the boys!!

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