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Goodbye Chamba: By Katherine Andrew

November 27, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Azadi

Goodbye Chamba

On Sunday we went to Khajjiar also known as little Switzerland. The drive was one of the most beautiful things I have yet to experience. We were high enough to see all the huge mountain ranges. The Himalayas are soooooooo breath taking. Looking at them I couldn’t stop smiling. We also went to a temple where they gave us a safety blessing and we took their sacrament. 


Monday we were back at the schools which I was so happy about. I was group leader which means I don’t teach a lesson that day so I did eye exams on all of the kids. They actually really enjoyed it they thought of it more as a game then a test. At lunch I was playing tickle tag with the kids and they started to figure out that I was ticklish too. There I was playfully tickling a few kids and then before I know it the whole school swarms and I’m on the floor being attacked by little fingers. It was pretty darn cute but getting a breath of air was becoming challenging because there were so many kids on top of me. I eventually made it up to a crawl and a girl wouldn’t get off my back so I was being choked for a few seconds there, but it was all in good fun. They also got new books and sweaters that day. All the kids really appreciated the sweaters but my goodness the books were to another level. We brought them out and they all screamed “BOOKS” and came running towards us. You would of thought we were giving out free xboxes. It warmed my heart to see little kids be so excited by something so simple. We also paid the tailor who did all of our pant suits. Each of us pitched in an extra 50 rupees which is less than $1. As Allison paying him she kept on counting the money past the asking price and the mother started crying and the fathers eyes were so wide. We were supposed to pay 8000 rupees and we paid 14,050. That’s $200 in America. It was very humbling that it made such a big difference for that family.


Today was our last day at the schools. We gave them all our humanitarian supplies that we had left to give and I wish I could have given them more. We enjoyed every last minute. I want to take time to say how grateful I am to be able to have had this experience. It has been life changing and I have felt nothing but joy being with those kids everyday. India is an amazing place with even more amazing people. It has made me realize how fortunate of lives we lead in America and how much we have to give. Also thank you so so so so much Mom, Dad, and William for the sweet letters. They meant so much to me and I will keep them forever. We head out to Dharmsala tomorrow and will have to say goodbye to Chamba. This is the last time we are blogging so I will see everyone on Saturday! 


But before I go I’d like to give a shoutout to the green team. Nell was always there with classic mom moves. Wyatt always pushes through and got the job done. Ava never failed her little sweethearts. Olivia never lost her smile. Emmy looked like a gangster all week. #dullagang Last and definitely the best is Braden. Always such a character, I love his spirit and love at the schools! Ching Chang I’m out of here gang


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