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As Fast as I Can: By Tyler Murrill

November 27, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Azadi

As Fast as I Can


The last 3 days in Chamba have been a roller coaster. On Sunday we to Khajjiar and hung out. We kept getting weird looks, and people kept trying to sneak pictures. After some relaxing, we got to eat lunch at a restaurant. They actually had french fries, but In and Out is still the first stop after we get home. After leaving Khajjiar we slept through the ride home and got back to the hotel. After being told the plan for the evening, Allison was very specific about not napping. We then packed and got ready for monday, and Raj started telling people that Allison said it was okay to nap. After making the right choice to not trust him and his mischievous smile, the bonfire and the dinner was the usual. 

On Monday we went to school like normal, but everyone went to the YMAD house after the schools. After a lot of heads up seven up and little sally walker we did henna with the YMAD girls and then had a quick goodbye to lessen the sadness. After we got back to the hotel it was more dinner and bonfire, but Braden was a homeboy and shared his mashed potatoes.

Tuesday seemed like a normal day, but it was our last day in Chamba, and with the kids at the schools. We took extra duffel bags filled with hygiene kits and education kits. It was somewhat like a regular day, except all of our lessons were shorter and we were focused on spending time with the kids as much as possible. A little before lunch we took a break, and the teachers at the schools gave us hats and marigold necklaces. They also shared lunch and tea with us. After lunch we needed to get the kids organized to give them their new supplies, and a goat and sheep walked into the school. Parth didn’t even act surprised and just grabbed the goat and walked away with the sheep in tow. After we got all of the stuff to the kids, we just played with them until it was almost time to go and we sang them Count on Me. The older kids were starting to look sad and then they told the younger kids why the teens looked sad and almost all of them looked sad too. After leaving they followed the car yelling goodbye and we had a quiet ride back to the hotel. After we got to the hotel, after thanking the drivers and translators, it was time to pack and get ready to leave Chamba. I’m in the middle of packing as I write this, but I’m already starting to miss this place. 

The giant mountains, the hotel, the fire, the drives, the people, but most of all, I already miss the kids and the schools. The pure joy and love they have for a group of strangers that taught them English is a feeling that is hard to replicate. They don’t have nearly as much as the kids in America do, but they seem happier. One of the things the kids loved was for me to pick them up and spin them around. They lined up for it and crowded me, desperate to be next. I’ve never seen more happiness in a face. It was the happiest I’ve ever seen a person. It’s been less than 2 hours, but I already want to stay longer. These kids didn’t know us or anything about us, but they gave their hearts without restraint. YMAD is more than just about helping some kids in the mountains of northern India. Throughout these 9 months, I grew close to some amazing people, and the 2 weeks here have only brought us closer. YMAD has changed me and become a part of me, and I know that as soon as I get back to Utah, after In and Out and burgers, I’m going to send in my application. While having next to nothing, these kids have shown me how to be happy and how to love unconditionally. There is too much to put into a single blog or any kind of post. All I know is that I’m going to try and come back as fast as I can.

4 Responses to “As Fast as I Can: By Tyler Murrill”

  1. I love, love reading your blogs. You’re a fun writer and I can hear you as I read it. I am loving hearing about all your adventures and good friends- the ones who even share mash potatoes with you. We miss you-maybe not Andrew yet, but there’s still some time. We’re excited to get you back home, be safe. Really, really safe. Tell Dad to give you a hug, please. Enjoy every minute. Am I bringing In-N-Out to the airport or on the way home? Love you! 😍😍😙😙😙

  2. Tyler, Did you find the pictures I put in your book? 😏

  3. What an awesome experience, Ty! Thank you for your blogs and letting us live vicariously through your adventures!

  4. Tyler! Thanks for writing this! It made me tear up. What a cool experience!

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