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Adult Leaders of Azadi!!!

November 27, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Azadi

Jackie – Jackie connects with the teens in such an easy way. She is always engaging the teens and encouraging them to be curious and think about their surroundings and the profound experience they are living. She has been touched deeply by the people in Chamba and has had a lasting impact on the teens.

Jens – Jens is a happy-go-lucky guy and spreads his cheer to the entire team. He encourages all the teens to see the positive in every situation and is enthusiastic about what he is learning as well. He is open to the lessons India ultimately teaches and has been a great adult leader.

Ashley – Ashley is here for round 2. She is seasoned and has been a huge help in keeping us organized and thinking through all the details of an expedition. She leads her team with wisdom and has the most generous heart. Ashley has gained the trust of everyone on the team and is so easy to relate to. She loves the YMAD girls and is invested in their futures and well-being.

Nell – Nell has come back to India for her 2nd time. She had such a profound experience as a teen that coming back to India has been a priority for her the last several years. She began as our intern and stepped into the adult leader role which was critical to the success of our expedition. She loves with her whole heart and has embraced each teen with her humor, creativity, and love.

Clutch – Shout out to Clutch! We miss you and appreciate all you did for our expedition before making a difficult decision to stay home and take care of his family. You are an important part of our team and we love you!

Jake – Jake is a;ways thinking ahead and anticipating our every need. He takes care of the teens so well and keeps us healthy during the winding drives, and occasional colds. He is selfless and always thinks of others before himself. He’s a trusted leader and loves India enough to come back for a 3rd time. He keeps us all laughing and we are so grateful for his care.

Raj – To know Raj, is to love Raj! Nothing would happen in our expeditions without the thought, preparation, and care of our fearless leader. He is always concerned about the teens and makes decisions that keep us all safe, while making a difference in the local community. He is wicked funny and loves to tease us. The teens are finally starting to figure out when he is pulling pranks. We could not run an expedition without him!!!

Everyone is happy and spending their last day in the schools today. The teens have been remarkable and an inspiration. They have taken the YMAD values to heart and are putting them in action in their schools, and with the YMAD girls. Thank you to all the parents for your trust and support. We have had an exhilarating experience and are heading home with more compassion in our hearts.

With love,

Allison and Brooke

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