Green and Grateful by Wendy Hamilton

November 25, 2018 - 2018 Operation Bandhu

Do or do not, there is no try! This was the Green team’s motto! I can not fully express how blessed I am to have such an amazing group of teens on my team. Hannah, Abby, Chloe, Zach and Chase are going to do big things with their lives, I just know it. We have had the privilege of teaching in the village of kochpakor. It is a quaint school full of love and kindness. Each day we are greeted by smiling little children with flowers and hugs. The majority of our kids are under 7 and the courtyard fills quickly with laughter and light. We often have more mothers and babies than we do kids. But for me, the best part is watching your sweet kids teach and play with the kids in the village. Their lights are shining so bright e whole world lights up. Each one of them adds something so special to the team.

Chase is my side kick and the little boys in the village LOVE him! He teaches with

Such enthusiasm and never ever gives up no matter how tired he is. He is very observant and aware of the needs of the kids and of the rest of his team. He is so patient and kind. I love watching him take everything in. He is so much fun to talk to and very respectful. I can always count on him for anything.

Zach is so much fun! He is always on the move and the little village boys use him as a jungle gym. He has such a tender heart and has really Grown this past week. He has so much energy and I love it most when he smiles. His confidence in his teaching grew every day. He makes the best animal sounds and he has so much expression when he teaches. The Indian children can’t say their Z’s so they call him Jack. It’s really cute. I can always count on him to make me laugh and to entertain us.

Abby can’t get enough of all the little babies! People come in and just hand them to her. She really knows how to get down to the little kids level and make them smile. Abby is also really driven. When she has an idea, she makes it happen and doesn’t quit until she figures it out. She is really good at switching gears when she needs to and just goes with the flow. She hasn’t had a voice most of the week but that doesn’t stop her. She has really great perspective on things here in India and about life in general.

Hannah has sparkle and light in her eyes. All the kids love and adore her. She stands back and watches to see what needs to be done and then she goes full force at it. She comes across as a little shy and quiet but she has a voice and has so many wonderful things to say. She pays attention to detail and is very aware of how people are feeling. I love her laugh and her sweet spirit. No matter how hard the day was, she never complains. I love how creative she is with her teaching and how expressive she is.

Chloe can keep up the energy like no other! The women here at Nishtha adore her and come steal her away and play dress up with her. It’s really cute. She always has a million flowers in her hair and expresses her love for everyone always. She has the greatest energy when she teaches and commands attention. She is sweet and genuine. She is expressive and enthusiastic. She is always very appreciative when people do things for her and is very generous with her compliments.

As you can tell, I have a fantastic group of kids! Kudos to all of the parents for raising some wonderful kids! I know they are all going to do great things with their lives. People say they hope India changes them. These kids are perfect and don’t need to be changed but they are growing and India will redesign the way they look at their lives. I can’t wait to see what they add to their canvas.

Much love from the green team! We love and miss you all and will see you soon!,, Wendy

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