Can I Have More Potatoes Please? By Josh Clawson

November 25, 2018 - 2018 Operation Bandhu

Can I have some more potatoes please?

Hey so India is pretty awesome and the food is really good for the most part. India is a really crazy place full of chaos honking and funny smells And we eat potatoes for every meal.

My village is Nihata (not sure how to spell it) and this is the first year that YMAD has gone there. They were so excited see us and it was really awesome to see some many kids ready to learn. The kids are way funny and are like obsessed with shaking our hands. The village kids seem to be obsessed with us. Today I was asked how I feel about having and Indian girl friend and I just told them, “long distance never works” and that was the end of that.

On Tuesday we went shopping it felt like we were doing some black market like stuff. We walked into am alley off a busy street and walked into a building and then went up a flight of stairs. It sounds like something straight out of a movie. The store was a silver shop and we all (boys) got rings and stuff for our parents.

The best way to compare India to anything we understand is Star Wars. Because it’s way colorful, full of new things a crowded population and it’s a galaxy far far away. And weird languages that I could never understand without subtitles.

The main day boarding schools girls are some thing else. They really don’t care about your lesson they just want a picture or your name tag to take home with them. The girls are awesome and just are so excited when I walk into a room it’s awesome. I am really gonna miss it.


Josh Clawson

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