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Blow Horn and Use Dipper at Night: By Ava McConkie

November 22, 2018 - Uncategorized

The drive to our school is beautiful. It is up in the mountains and it has the prettiest views. Everything is green and full of life. One of the best things about India is the traffic. And the road up to our school is a one way street with two lanes of traffic. And the cars on this street aren’t small we were literally millimeters from hitting a dump truck yesterday and yet our amazing driver pulled us through! The dump trucks here are also painted with bright colors and have little notes that say “blow horn” or “use dipper at night” and I am probably gonna paint that on my car when I get home… haha. There is also 6 people on the motorcycles here (dad can we try that when I get home?) it is crazy.

The last two days have been great! The kids have gotten a little more used to us which is difficult because that means that they are ok being naughty. But I still love all of them! Most of the kids have started calling me “Ava dee dee” at first I was like “ haha funny… my name is just Ava.” The translator then told all of us that it means big sister. Oh my gosh it is the sweetest thing and it melts my heart! I am super home sick but the thought of leaving them is so sad. 

Today we gave them all new shoes and they were over the moon excited! At the end of the day they started dancing around with their shoes and wanted to open them and show them off to everybody even though they all got the same pair. 

One thing that we do is read the same book before every lesson because through repetition, reading and understanding will increase. My book is “Are you My Mother?” I probably have that book memorized from cover to cover. But yesterday one group of kids wanted to read the book. They were stumbling over the English worlds and once they had finished a page they translated it into Hindi for all of their friends. 

Miss you all, and love you lots!

3 Responses to “Blow Horn and Use Dipper at Night: By Ava McConkie”

  1. So fun to read about what you are doing. We gave thanks today for you, Ava, and who you are. You are a hard worker, and are thoughtful. We love you and are proud of you.

  2. Ava dee dee, I love hearing, seeing, and reading about all the things my magnifisant big sisiter is doing in india. I love you loads :):):)

  3. By the way look forward to trying that mottercyle trick

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