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ASHA KI CHAMAK-1st retreat by: Paige Case

October 24, 2018 - Uncategorized

Signing up for ymad, I didn’t really expect to find myself in a warehouse for 2 days with 20+ people I’d never met before.

When me and Gabby pulled up to our first YMAD retreat, we found a couple other girls and together we walked into this office with our backpacks and sleeping bags, looking like we missed the bus to our summer camp. Finally, someone directed us to the back of the warehouse where a bunch of chairs were set up.

At our previous parent meeting, Chris left us with specific instructions to show up to the retreat with an extra pair of socks. Everyone was wondering why we needed socks, of all things. But after driving down to Riverton, we found out that the mysterious instructions were for our starting activity- bowling!

After getting destroyed at bowling by Greta, we started off our leadership training sessions. We talked about vision and integrity. All of our lessons we had were amazing and we even had a guest speaker come and teach us about looking at life through different lenses.


Our power moves from our integrity lesson are to rate our level of integrity, put our YMAD dates/ events in our calendars, pay attention to our word and the promises we make and to practice bringing honor to our word. The power plays from the vision lesson are too take time to think about our life lenses, and to put our new words in a place we will always see them.

To top it off, after a long time of debating, and lots of help from texting Raj (who was all the way in India), we decided on our team name; ASHA KI CHAMAK or BRIGHTNESS OF HOPE

I think the meaning of our name represents our goal of taking the hope we have and the hope people in India have and using it to brighten up everyone’s lives.

In the end, everything that I learned and everyone that I met made this first retreat absolutely amazing and has got me SO EXCITED for the next 9 months!

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