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Roommate Adventures

June 6, 2017 - 2017 Op:Rangeeli Shuruata

by Lauren Joost

The night we arrived in Kullu, we were given the room assignments that we would have for the next nine days. I originally thought that there would be at least three of us in each room, but it turned out that most of us would just room in pairs. I was given the spectacular Emily Spicer as a roommate (she requested that I refer to her in that way). I didn’t know Emily too well, so I was excited to get to know her better. At the time though, I had very little knowledge of what I was in for. 

Adventure #1: The Attack of the Spiders

Within about two hours of being roommates, Emily and I discovered that we share a mutual fear: spiders. This fear of ours was tested when we found three huge spiders in our bathroom within two days, the carcass of an equally large spider hanging in a web on our water heater, and about ten additional mini spiders that in reality weren’t actually that mini. This adventure was marked by several screams, multiple cans of bugspray, sleepless nights, a few tears, and many calls for help. Emily and I decided that we have the “Spider Room” considering that very few spiders have shown up in anybody else’s room. It figures…the “Spider Room” goes to the girls that fear them the most. 

Adventure #2: Early Morning Wake Up Calls

For the days we go to the schools, Emily and I wake up at about 7 am. So you can imagine my confusion when Emily woke me up at 3 am Wednesday morning. She was standing in our doorway in the dark and said “Lauren, I hear voices”. This made me very nervous at first because hearing voices is never a good sign. She finally explained that she thought she heard some of the other teens on our expedition talking somewhere in the hotel and that she wanted me to get up and help her find them. After a few minutes, she gave up the case and decided that she was probably going crazy and went back to bed (we did find out in the morning though that there was a group of people not too far away that was speaking English pretty loudly, so she wasn’t just hearing voices). That whole experience was definitely an adventure (and a huge laughing generator) for the both of us. 

Adventure #3: The Great Moth Snatcher

Not only have Emily and I been repeatedly visited by spiders, but we were also visited by a giant moth that entered our room Saturday night. It didn’t bother Emily too much, but I found that after awhile of hearing a faint vibration sound created by its wings, that it did bother me. I tried all different kinds of tactics to try and get it out. I turned off all the lights in our room and opened the door…it didn’t work. I tried to get it to walk onto Emily’s flip flop so I could take it out…it didn’t work. I even tried to pick it up with a tissue…but it didn’t work. I began to lose all hope and started to become frustrated when Emily, who had been quietly laying down in the bed this entire time, quickly sits up and in one motion of her hand captures the moth that had briefly landed on the nightstand next to the bed. Without a word, she got up, opened our door, and set the moth free. What she did in a total of ten seconds, I couldn’t do in 15 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. 

Adventure #4: The Ultimate Prank

After spending multiple days together, sharing many laughs, and having many adventures, Emily and I have become very close. But after what happened today, I’m beginning to think that we have become too close. For more detail, please refer to the attached video. 

This is only a few of the many adventures that Emily and I have experienced together as roommates. I knew India would be an adventure, but I never imagined that my hotel room would be one as well. 

3 Responses to “Roommate Adventures”

  1. Have I taught you nothing?! Didn’t I teach you that if someone does something to you, you need to do it back? My only question is why didn’t Emily wear the rest of that water! Hehe! 🙂

  2. Love how descriptive you are…it was as if I was there with you. We may have to seek professional help when you get home…spiders and moths really aren’t THAT scary;)

  3. The flat mates share an affection for set out that keeps on fortifying their fellowship.

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