The Best Things Are the Farthest Away (Aka the farthest school in a country very far from home) by Kate Jones

March 28, 2017 - 2017 Op: Shaktimann

We met the kids today.  The ride up to the school is crazy—the roads are super narrow and we passed buses with less then an inch between us.  It’s beautiful though, there is a mountain that looks just like Mount Olympus on the way.  When we got there they took us into the principles office and two girls came in and gave us lei type things and marked our foreheads.  Nadi, our translator, told us that it was because guests are considered next to gods.  Which with the fanfare we   pretty much are.  

 The kids are adorable.  They’re really shy but laugh a lot and LOVE high fives.  They’re super careful coloring, everything they do they want to be perfect.  We played duck duck duck (they could’t quite grasp the goose part) and we were all so happy!

Afterwards the teachers insisted we visit the temple.  We had to take our shoes off to go onto the grounds, it’s set up just like the ones I learned about in art history and was built in the 13th century (i think).  We were blessed by the priest and ate sugar and cooked flower as an offering—it was magical.  All the people wanted to talk to us and take pictures.

I’m writing this looking at the sun set over the Buchar mountains (or something like that).  

Also, lemon tea in a fancy tea cup from a teacher is delicious.

8 Responses to “The Best Things Are the Farthest Away (Aka the farthest school in a country very far from home) by Kate Jones”

  1. Yay… made it!! This sounds SO cool! I’m a little jealous but mostly happy for you all. The kids sound great…and lucky to have you. (It’s ok with me if you sneak a couple home.) We miss you a lot, but since you left stuff EVERYWHERE it’s kind of like you’re still around. Suck it all in, take pictures of everything, and keep writing–lots.

  2. Namaste my lovie! Happy 11:11 from Salt Lake!! 😀

  3. So you finally made it? It sounds like you’re having a great time so far. Teaching these kids seems like it will be a blast. We’ll miss you, but you’ll have lots to tell us when you get back!

  4. Yea Kate, you will appreciate my driving much more when you get back (I usually allow for at least two inches of clearance). Glad the kids are so happy and fun to work with, give them some high fives from me. Have a great adventure. Love you,

  5. Thank you for the update and the picture of Chandler! We worry about her motion sickness but everyone looks well! You guys are doing amazing things! Stay safe !

  6. Sarah looking good in this picture <3 Fev loves ya!

  7. Yayyyyyyy I love you so much and I’m so glad that it sounds like you’re having fun. I’m not seeing much party pony… So hopefully you’re all partying over there. 😉 Give those kids a high five from me too.

  8. Sarah we love you and miss you!! So happy for you to experience the beautiful people of India. Also glad you could teach them "Duck, Duck, Duck"…I think it makes more sense – I never understood the Goose part anyway…Love you Dad.

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