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Chamba is the Best – Wilson McConkie

November 29, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Dabangg

Chamba is the Best

11-26-17 Sunday

This morning we took a beautiful 45 minute drive through the Himalayas to this incredible Hindu temple. In the back there was this awesome sculpture of a Hindu goddess named Shiva. It was at least 100 ft. tall and right on the edge of a cliff. From there we went to a place that they call little Switzerland. We brought the YMAD girls with us which was so fun. We walked around, they did henna for us, we rode in these huge blow up hamster balls, and we just hung out for a while.


11-27-17 Monday

         I couldn’t wait to get back to the school. I love love love these kiddos. I taught my emergency lesson which was on touch and different textures. They thought that the hand warmers I brought were super cool. A lot of the older kids kind of understand that tomorrow is our last day and it’s really sad to think about not coming back. When we’re leaving I always tell them “See you tomorrow!” and I’m really dreading not being able to say that. We got to give all of them brand new shoes and sweaters today along with a new mat for them to sit on and a new chalkboard. They were so excited.


11-28-17 Tuesday

         Today was very bitter sweet. Lots of fun with our kids but lots of tears shed. We taught a quick lesson to each group of kids in the morning one last time and then after lunch we gave them the gifts we had for them. We had colorful bracelets and necklaces for them along with a humanitarian kit and a school kit. There happy faces as they got each came up to get their gifts made me so happy. They’d say “Thank you sir! Thank you Ma’am!” and then quickly run back to their seat to show their friends their new stuff. Then we played some games with them and passed out all our photos in our photo albums so they have a little something to remember us by.


         Saying goodbye was so hard. Our team packed up all of our stuff and came outside to say one last goodbye to our friends. I got down on my knees, held my arms open and had about 15 crying little kids come give me a big group hug all at once. After I had said goodbye to all the kids I thanked the principals and told them “Your kids are amazing.”. I’m going to miss them so much. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to come here. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Indian drivers are really crazy




4 Responses to “Chamba is the Best – Wilson McConkie”

  1. That selfie of you with the boys is a classic! Thank you for sharing your big heart with those kids! They, and you, will never forget the love you have shared with them!

  2. Wils English is so boring without you (and sam) haha. But I’m excited to hear about all of this!! See ya soon!!

  3. Son, thank you for all three of these blog posts. You are right, doing Ymad was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. We love you and hope you have a safe and wonderful rest of the week! Those children are amazing and so are you! Love, mom

  4. yay wilson!! come home soon!! i miss you!!

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