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Just Another Manic Monday – Madisen Andersen

November 29, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Dabangg

    Alright so this will be the last blog that you see from me in this trip. I have loved my entire experience here in India. Even though I’m very excited to be home and see my Ryboy and Squeejay and mama and papa and all of my great darling friends and other fam I really have enjoyed my last few days here in India. Today was our last day in the primary school and so when we got to school today after the kids said there daily prayer and sang the national anthem, the teachers brought out some chairs for us to sit on. We were all a little confused at first because we didn’t know what was going on. So we were all in front of the kids and then the teachers brought out these gorgeous yellow and orange marigold flower necklaces, (Picture like a Hawaiian lei) and they were so so awesome. They also gave us a Chamba hat to wear which I can show when I’m home what that looks like. And the kids all said thank you to us and said that they would miss us and that they loved us because they knew that today was our last day ever seeing them again. It was awesome also because at lunch they gave us like a dessert, I dont know what it was called but it was sooooo goooood! It was kinda like malt o meal hot cereal with a butt load of sugar and butter with coconut shavings in it. It was probably the best thing that I have eaten this entire trip next to samosas, which are kinda like deep fried pot stickers with potato and other veggies and some kind of spice, probably curry in it.  At the very end of the day the student teachers in our school danced for us and sang a few native folk songs and then the really emotional part started. All of the kids lined up and each of us hugged them and thanked them for being our friends and being so good. I think I kind of have a favorite kid in our school, even though they tell us not to have favorites I couldn’t help it. Her name is Shagun and she is in the third grade and she is like the girl version of Rylen which is probably why I loved her so much. Also there is a kid there that seriously looks like the indian version of my cousin Daxton Mills. 

    So yesterday we all got our outfits that we bought in the market from the tailor. Mine is like a turquoise color with gold trimming around it and gold tassels on the bottom on my shawl. I love it so much and can’t wait to wear it to church on Sunday with my henna that I have on and I will try to find some bangles or really cool jewelry to wear with it. We leave for Dharmsala tomorrow morning and get to do some more shopping then I am hoping to get a few more things for me and the fam. 

    I’m so excited to see all of you again back in the USA and talk to you all about my stories. I think that we will be at the airport on Saturday December 2 probably at 8 or 9 at night. Alright love you all and hope to see all of you again very soon. Also mom check your voicemail, theres a surprise on there for you and the fam. p.s. its from a weird number and area code. 


3 Responses to “Just Another Manic Monday – Madisen Andersen”

  1. I love you Madi and I am forever grateful for this amazing adventure you have had. I hope this adventure was more and better than you expected. We look forward to seeing you again. Enjoy every second you have. All my heart…

  2. Awe madi I can’t wait to hear all of your stories!!! Also can’t wait to see what you got me;) jk your awesomeness is enough. I love and miss you lots!

  3. Love you! Can’t wait to hear all about this great adventure and see the pictures!!!

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