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How to Make Life Blissful and Worth Diamonds – Braden Hudspeth

November 29, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Dabangg

How to Make Life Blissful and Worth Diamonds


It is a matter of common observation that, while the world is progressing so fast in the domain of science that man has been able to land on the moon, his character and his ways of life are going lower and lower every day. Sorry… I got a little caught up in my good readings today. HMU for the book when I get home.


Sunday, Kajjiar with the YMAD girls, henna, bartering peanuts for chips with random Indian salesmen, cool temple, best view, really good lunch, and lots of love. It was a really good day and it was fun being there with the ymad girls. We messed with the salesmen at little Switzerland, and had a good time. Sunday was chill and a really nice break from everything we’ve been doing.

Monday, our last full day of teaching and I came down with a bit of a sickness. It was a hard day being super sick but I taught all day. After school we went to the YMAD house and had a dance party with the girls. I was super sick and just laid down most the time but was sad I couldn’t get up. It was sad to say goodbye to them, a lot of people were crying. At our fire that night I got a quality back message from the Jono Ebert and Emma Romney, and it healed my sickness.

Today was our last day at the schools, teaching was hard in the morning, but it was super cool to give them all the stuff we had for them. We had a small dance party, and the teachers took my speaker which was playing some logic. Let’s just say they were jamming. Some kids rolled out right when we have them their stuff, but the older kids understood we were leaving. The kids broke in to tears before us. Ashley, Emma R and me loaded in the car super fast and none of us cried. The others took a while to say bye. As we went to leave our driver took a three point turn and all the kids were crying all around the car, and the cutest kid Naveet was crying and it nearly got me as well. The good news is that I was jammin Slippery which was not favored by those in the car with me! The people there painting the school gave us the weirdest looks, and it was quite the experience to see there reactions. For lunch the teachers gave us a book, chocolate, a hat and made us fried rice. The rice was delicious and thanks to my sickness I got out of eating a lot of it, shout out to Dallin for taking one for the team and eating tons. Our teachers were so nice and helpful throughout our time there and I’m glad we could help them and the school. Sad to say bye but excited for what dharmsala brings tomorrow.

Another fall day has come and gone away in Chamba India,


4 Responses to “How to Make Life Blissful and Worth Diamonds – Braden Hudspeth”

  1. It is so awesome to see and hear how much fun you are having! What you did for those kids is Amazing!

    I cant believe it, but I think dad is missing you more than Rylee…..if that’s possible.

    I hope and pray you begin feeling better! I want you to enjoy the last part of your exciting trip! Travel safe an have fun!

    Looking forward to having you home!
    Luv Dad

  2. I love you so much!
    Our house hasnt been the same while you have been away.
    Miss Rylee has locked herself in your room too many times to count.
    I am very worried about you not feeling well. I hope it goes away quickly so you can enjoy your final days in India.
    I am so proud of you!! I will admit Reading the blogs has brought me to tears time and time again.
    Cant wait to have you back this weekend!
    Love you mom.

  3. I enjoy reading your post

  4. Hope the massage cured your illness—it’s no fun to feel rotten on a once-in-a-lifetime trip! Enjoy your travel days! We’ve loved reading about your experiences!

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