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“Today is Mun-Day!” – Henry Siddoway

November 27, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Dabangg

“Today is Mun-Day!”


Today we said goodbye to the ymad girls at their house and it was very sad. The littlest girl sapna was so cute and funny so it was hard saying goodbye but we had tons of fun with them! Tomorrow is our last day at the school and it’s Definitely going to be a hard goodbye. These last days in chamba have been so fun and our whole group has grown close. This whole trip has been so life changing and very eye opening. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped out and put so much hard work into this trip and making it possible. Allison and Brooke have been working so hard to make everything smooth I swear it’s been perfect. We get everywhere on time, foods good, people are kind, activities are fun, it’s pretty amazing how well everything comes together in this hectic third world country. So I’m super thankful for their hard work because it’s all because of them and their hard work. Something super cool this trip has showed me is how cool it is that people on the other side of the world have so much love for people that are on the opposite side and so different than them. The school teacher and even the school cooks are so happy and love when we come and love to talk and look at pictures of us. It’s amazing how everyone is just friends and we only have been here a week and are so different culturally. The kids are so cute it’s crazy it will be sad but I’m so grateful for this opportunity I got. Yesterday we went to little Switzerland and it was basically a huge open field and it was funny because the description was “rolling hills”. We all had a lot of fun laying down and taking little naps haha. The ymad girls came with us which was cool and they all are so good at henna so they did it for us! I’m getting very excited also to go to Dharmsala! Jonathan Ebert told us it’s an actual hotel so I’m looking forward to that. The nice lady that comes to the Ymad house made us samosas and they were so good. She’s the nicest old lady and she loves to hear we like her food haha. Tomorrow for our last day at the school we are going to spend half the day just playing with the kids. My team is bringing a lot of music stuff and we will play it with them. We also brought other games and it’s gonna be a good last day but still hard to think about leaving. Today we gave all of them new shoes and sweaters to actually take home with them and it was so nice to see their smiles and they loved it so much. Makes me happy

Our kids appreciating the stuff we are doing for them. I love all the people here and our driver has been so fun. After we leave anywhere he’s the first to pull up over all the other drivers and he has his car cleaned and blue lights singing on the inside and then we always connect and play music and when we forget he always asks for music haha. So our team brags we got the best car. India continues to blow my mind and it’s all been so crazy! Last note to my family: PLEASE have either Cafe Rio, In n Out, or any burger place burger at the airport for me! Haha PLEASE! And thank you hehe.


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