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KIDDOS – Brooke Moseley

November 27, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Dabangg



hi hi!! so fun to talk to mom last night! so sorry i didnt get to talk to anyone else!! i thought you would all be together but i guess not so sorry!! yesterday was fun, we went to “little switzerland.” definitely not what i pictured haha. me and gracie mae rolled in these balls and it was so funny!! they’re like the huge hamster balls. we got strapped onto the sides and then these guys literally have to roll you cause there isn’t a hill. it was honestly so fun though! and then we just chilled and the ymad girls did henna on us. then we just got lunch and went home  had gratitude night.


gratitude night was really fun! we all said what we were grateful for and then we got letters from home. mom thank you for the letter!! it made me so happy. then we had our usual fire and i got to call home which was the best:)


today was super fun to finally be back in our schools after the weekend! it was crazy how much i missed the kids in my schools after just two days!! they are seriously the cutest kids and i dont know how i’m going to say goodbye tomorrow. they make me so happy whenever i see them. they all have the cutest faces and the happiest smiles!!! and they make me laugh so hard. we gave the kids shoes, sweaters, a blackboard/whiteboard, socks, and a giant mat for them to sit on and it was amazing to see how happy and excited they were! I can’t tell you how cute the kids in our schools are.  Seriously you will die when you see the pictures of all the kids!


we finished the day of teaching and are just at the ymad house. it’s our last day with the girls which was unexpected because we thought we would say goodbye tomorrow. so we’re just playing with them and having a good time! I love these cute girls so much too! they are so smart and have the biggest hearts. when we watched charlottes web with them, i was sitting next to my friend Ankita, and they offered us popcorn. she kept trying to make me eat it before she even had one. i kept telling her to eat it but she wouldn’t until i had. they have the best manners and are just so happy and polite. i’m gonna miss them too!! and tell kennedy if you’re emailing her today that i have a note and video for her!


anyway that’s about it for now! …sorry my blogs haven’t been the best haha i wasn’t honestly sure if they were being read! but i promise i’m having the best time ever!!!


so excited to see you all this weekend!

love, brookie


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