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October 3, 2017 - 2017 Op: Shaktimann

Team Shaktimann began one year ago with our interviews of the adults and teens that would eventually find their way to four small mountain villages near Rampur Bushahr. Our return celebration in May technically marked the end of our adventure together so it’s time for me to say thanks.

Thanks to the Baird family for their vision and leadership in creating YMAD and for all those who work so hard to keep that vision alive.

Thanks YMAD for trusting Amy and me with the honor leading Team Shaktimann (recognizing that you really trusted Amy and were just not sure how to not include me without hurting my feelings, so thanks for being sensitive to my feelings).

Thanks to all the adults and teens that signed up for Team Shaktimann in spite of not knowing Amy or me. Thanks (maybe more so) to the adults and teens that signed up Team Shaktimann in spite of knowing me (recognizing it was probably only because knowing Amy offset knowing me).

Thanks Team Shaktimann for coming to the Sunday meetings. I know it was a sacrifice, but I left each meeting a better person than I arrived because I was with you. Thanks for the hugs (especially you, Sarah H). I like to hug people that I love and I love each of you. Each of you made a positive impact on my life and each mean something very special and personal to me. Thanks for bringing ‘you’ to Team Shaktimann. It would not have been the same without you.

Thanks for coming to our home. Whether it was for our retreat, visa applications (sorry to dig up bad memories Serena), or just to say ‘hi’, I like how our home feels when you are there. I hope you will still come over–our door is always open to you.

Thanks to the people of our four small villages, children and adults alike, for reaffirming for me just how awesome people are. I may not remember or even have ever known your name, but I am different, and I think better, because our lives intersected.

Thanks Priya, Prity, Shivani, and Nidhi for your kindness, your intelligence, your patience, your humor and for opening for us the door to you beautiful country and culture. You are as much a part of Team Shaktimann as any of us we love and appreciate you dearly.

Thanks Raj, my brother, for…well, for everything. You are the man and a dear and cherished friend. Your large and growing fan club in here in Utah is well deserved. Thanks more than I can say for all you do.

Thank you all for helping me experience joy in crying, serenity in yelling, rejuvenation in exhaustion, and for helping me find a big world in four small villages. I cannot help but tear up when I reflect on my time with Team Shaktimann and I am so grateful that we were able to navigate this great adventure together. I love you all.

Finally, my deepest thanks to Amy. Thanks for making everything work, for being the rudder that kept our little team sailing safely and smoothly – well, relatively smoothly – through our journey together. I know, as I think everyone on Team Shaktimann does, that you, more than anyone else, are the one that made it all happen. So it is with our life together in general. I can’t possibly thank you enough for all you do for me. I can only hope that, in spite of my many failings, you know how much I love you. Everything that matters in my life connects to you, so, as woefully inadequate as it seems, I close this post by telling you, with my whole heart, thanks.

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  1. Dear Troy….Namastey. On this pious and perfect occasion of USA Independence day,I congratulate all your countrymen. On this very occasion I would like to share about your team at my native place. I am the eyewitness of the learning activities carried over by your energetic, enthusiastic , loving and caring YMAD volunteers. Our students recollect you all when I ever gi to visit the schools( Dansa,Lalsa, Raisharan and Shaneri) Your loving and caring instincts will be evermore a splendid inspiration for all of us. I will not forget to name Madi, Ashley, Zane,Sarah and Amy for their continuous energy during the learning camps. Your speech at Dansa is still hovering my ears. Jellyfish rhyme was superb and I ask the students to rhyme it for me when I visit those schools. Hats off to all your volunteers. Group leader Amy and Brett.

    You will be evermore in our hearts.
    Thanks for appreciating our culture.

    Pay my warm regards to your entire family.

    Mehar Chand Gautam
    Block Coordinator Primary Education
    Rampur,District Shimla,Himachal pradesh (India)

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