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Scenes Of Your Teens Serving-Operation Saktisali

November 28, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Saktisali

5 Responses to “Scenes Of Your Teens Serving-Operation Saktisali”

  1. You all look so happy. I admire all of you that have been willing to give of yourselves for the benefit of others. Nathan, I’m especially proud of you son.

  2. You guys look so happy! It’s what happens when you lose yourself in the service of others! Tell Nathan we need another blog post ;). Love you Nate!

  3. So happy to see our kiddos. Brielle – you look wonderful! Keep posting the pics, we love them.

  4. Love the collection of pictures. They truly do tell a thousands words. Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Lynda

  5. Beautiful children, amazing young adults and fantastic leaders. What a blessing you have been to the children of India. What a blessing you will continue to be to your families and your communities. Keep your memories alive in your heart. Remember the love you that was so freely given to you by these children who have nothing but gave you everything they had. Now, remember the lesson and as you return, give that love to others just as freely as it was given to you. Love makes all the difference. We are so proud of all of you.

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