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Shoulder rides, throwing of beads and laughing

May 17, 2016 - All Posts, 2016 Operation: Kush Kush

All went well with travel. It severely sucks, but it’s completely worth it (Kankles as proof). The first night, we stayed at the house of learning with the girls. We didn’t meet them until this morning @ 5am. Everyday they get up and do exercises before school. Once they left we just went around Chamba. We visited a gorgeous temple (after a hike up a large road I was not prepared for). Nothing much to tell yet since we got here except that it is completely beautiful. The buildings are set up with close, small alleyways in between. In comparison to Sunder Nagar, there are so many more places to see and sooo many more market stores.
The best has been spending time with the house of learning girls. They range from 7-13 years old and are as sassy as can be. Every night we will be doing activities/lessons with them. Today we painted jewelry boxes and made bracelets and necklaces, thanks to Steiner and Sam. Rather than making themselves jewelry, they made them for us! Sweet Ankita made me multiple bracelets/necklaces before creating her own. It is this kind of selflessness and love that is constantly given in India. We were with these girls only a few moments before there were shoulder rides, throwing of beads and laughing. I didn’t think they would warm up this fast, but of course, only in India! They are utterly hilarious and beautiful. I can’t wait to spend more time with them everyday. Unfortunately tonight we had to leave for the hotel tonight. It’s purely white marble, so we call it the ice castle. During dinner the power went off, so we had a candle lit dinner where we ate mysterious food. I think that that is they key to cracking a picky eater – just don’t let them see what they’d be eating!

In the morning we will be meeting our schools and I couldn’t be more excited. I will be teaching mother nature with Steiner in a group. The blog will get more interesting than I can make it at this point. We have an amazing group of people! I love them all so much!

<3 Belle

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  1. Belle I am so jealous you get to see beautiful India again!! So excited for more stories!

  2. BELLE I am so excited to hear from you on the YMAD blog! Chamba sounds amazing <3 I love you dearly and I can't wait to read more from everyone else and to hear all about it when you get back!!! 🙂

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