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Ya…don’t think I’m coming home.

March 31, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Zinda

Nathan Walker
Dear blog,
When i poop i can only use three squares to wipe, the power is very unstable here, we have constant power outages,  the nights a freezing and the days are burning hot, the food is always spicy, and i always manage to smell like crap, and i couldn’t be any happier. I love every part of India, i honestly can’t imagine life without any of it, I look forward to the power outages, I look forward to every part of everyday. I wake up everyday and have no idea what to expect! I love the people more and more everyday, the kids make me smile and laugh more than ever before. This country is so amazingly beautiful, the Himalayas are amazing and i never realized how small our mountains are compared to these ones. We went up way high on the mountain and you really got to see the full size of these mountains, I am amazed everyday.
I love these kids so much, I honestly could tell you something about every single one of them, they all are so loving and so open to us and they really just want to spend every minute with us and I just want to spend every minute with them, I’m so grateful to have every single one of them in my life (even the little more rowdy ones) they love to just love you everyday I am embarrassed by tons of hugs and a bunch of words that I really don’t understand. The second to last time teaching I was surrounded by all of them and Reena comes up to me and says something that I really can’t understand to well and all the kids go quiet, so she says it again and I look at Swati (our translator) for some advice and she just smiles at me and says she will ,eat me figure it out, so after a couple more times of Reena repeating her self I finally figured out that she was asking me if I was coming Sunday and I told her no but I will be coming Monday and she looked really sad at first and then smiled and hugged me. I love these kids so much.
So I just have to say I am so grateful for my team (team svartha) they are all so amazing and are so great with the kids, they all just love them
Marci- Marci is the best leader ever she is so great and fun to talk to, she is so funny and so caring, she is so easy to talk to and I can really be myself around her. She really is a mom to me, I can tell her anything and she is so much fun to tease!
Cynthia-Cynthia is the sweetest person in the world, I love her so much, and the kids are nuts about her. She just loves and cares about everyone. It’s so crazy to see her just put her all into teaching the kids, she is so amazing at teaching and she is so great to just be around.
Kayla-Kayla is one of my favorite people is is always so freaking positive and always so freaking happy I honestly just love her to death she really makes the kids so happy and makes everyone around her so happy, everyone one of the kids just adore her. The other day when she was sick all the kids asked where she was and were so bummed that she wasn’t there.
Sarah Jane- Sarah Jane is so much fun, I love talking to her, I could honestly just talk to her for hours! She is so fun and so up lifting that all the kids are just drawn to her. She honestly just wants everyone to be happy and sincerely cares about everyone. All the kids just love her and you can always hear the kids just yell SARAH!!!
Dee-Dee is so freaking funny, she is legit just a ball of fun she is always ready to talk. She is so much fun to just be around, all the kids love her and she is so real that everyone is just drawn to her. She is just so goofy and funny with the kids that just just laugh and love her.
Landen-Landen is one of my favorite people. The kids just love him, you can always tell where landen is because you can hear the kids laughing and making noises. Everyone just loves landen because is is just so open and easy to be around, he can be crazy and goofy and not care at all who sees! He’s so funny and the kids are always asking “landen? Landen?”.

I love my family so much and I m so grateful for Greg and Megan and all the leaders, they inspire me everyday. Don’t think I have been this happy my whole life.

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