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Todd Brown- This trip makes your grow

November 30, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

Nov. 30. 2012

This trip has gone by so fast! It seems like only yesterday we were getting off the plane ride to enter India, now we are getting to the close of our expedition. All I can say many things about the trip, the best way to sum it up is amazing! My group was awesome, and my team leader Jenny was amazing! All of the leaders and kids on this trip are amazing though. I feel like everyone has grown on this trip, me especially. No words can describe what has all happened here.

Last night was really crazy and awesome. We went on a drive last night for a couple of hours (about 6) over the mountains. It was really pretty and extremely long! Then we got to the night train and rode that through the night. The night train was pretty dirty and had small compartments. Also, I saw a mouse on it, but other than that it was not too bad. I luckily spent the most of the time asleep. Then we got onto a bus that was actually in pretty good shape. We were on there for about 4 hours until we got to pizza hut to eat. Then arrived at our hotel for the night. This hotel is really nice and we have beds to sleep on! We also had a really nice shower and toilets! We have been relaxing from our travels for the night here. We have done lots of traveling and still lots of traveling to go!

One thing that everyone still has on their minds though is the kids, I know I do. Part of my heart will always be in Chamba, India. That is where my kids are, I know if not here, one day I will see my kids again. They helped me realize who I am, and my point here on earth. My little kids will always be with me in my heart. Keep smiling, be brave, live in the present, and remember no regrets!


-Todd Brown

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