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Shanae Curtis

April 7, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation: Genshai

How do I even start? This place is amazing! Today was the first day we taught our kids. I cried the second I saw them. I’m tearing up now just remembering. I cannot believe I am actually here. other than my crying when I saw the kids, I have never been so happy in my life! At the end of each day, my face hurts from smilling so much! People kept telling me that they couldn’t describe what it was like here and I never understood…but now I do. This place is beautiful! We are litarally in the middle of the Himalaiayas. It is super hot during the day and freazing at night. I have so many stories already! but I cant seem to get them typed out. I am so blissfully happy. I seriously wanna live here. I cannot wait until tomorrow!

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