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Samantha Taylor- Our days as Tourists.

December 1, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

Today we woke up early to set off for the Taj Mahal. Last night was the best night so far sleeping wise, after the freezing cold night train- it was so nice to be in a bed and be WARM. The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen. Allison was giving ten dollars to anyone who photo bombed a group photo, so the entire group set out to jump in the back of pictures of random groups of people. A few of them were really funny, and one lady got mad at Anna which was really entertaining because she didn’t speak any English. There were a lot of Asians and Indians taking pictures of our group, even though there were tons of WHITE tourists. After the Taj we set out for Jaipur. It was a really long drive but kind of fun. The bus we have to ride on is really big and taller than every other car here, with a huge TOURIST sign on the front of it. As if people didn’t stare at us enough. We shopped along the streets for an hour, and got some really good deals. Some guy led me, Michael, Chandler and McKinnley to a secret room full of knives and random swords where we got some really great deals- and free scarves! We are staying in a really nice hotel tonight and had pasta for dinner, which was the highlight of my day. I miss American food. I’m really looking forward to riding elephants tomorrow morning, but not stoked about the plane ride home. I miss all of you, can’t wait to see you Monday night!


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  1. Good to hear from Samantha!! I hope riding an elephant is everything you dreamed, S!

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