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No complaints – Loree Hagen

November 23, 2015 - All Posts, 2015 Opeation: Sahasa

None of us will ever complain again.  Not because we now know so many who have it “worse”, but because we have been shown by a beautiful, happy people – who have SO MUCH less – that none of it matters.   We have shared an amazing week here.  We have given so much, but we have received so much more in return – from people who have nothing to give but their love, friendship, gratitude, and respect.  And we have come to understand the value of these gifts in a way that has changed us all.
…..A quick shout out to the lucky parents of ADDY, AMY, BRONTË, DANIEL, MATTHEW, and SABRINA:  I LOVE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!  They have worked so hard and so well.  They have served and shared and taught with skill, enthusiasm, and compassion.  They have supported each other with thoughtful care and generosity.  And they have loved deeply  — so deeply that today has been very bittersweet.

We said goodbye today to the bright and happy children of Bamangachhi – who live in a most charming and cohesive community (though very impoverished.)  If “it takes a village” to raise a child, there is cause for hope for the children of Bamangachhi.  Their village feels like one (very) big, happy family, and the teacher at the village school is able and loving.

We also said goodbye to the girls at the Main Day Boarding School.  This was very emotional and difficult for all of us — partly because of the deep bonds formed during our time together, and partly because there is cause for concern about these girls’ futures.  Your teens will be home later this week, but they will have left a part of their hearts here.  Please be patient and supportive as they continue to care for these girls, and possibly continue to try to help them.

Again, I LOVE YOUR CHILDREN.  I am honored to have shared this whole experience with them, and I am pleased to tell you that you have every reason to be very proud of them.  They are wonderful, and they have indeed made a positive difference – for the children they have served, and for our entire Operation Sahasa.

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  1. Thanks LOREE for your continued example. You are an inspiration! I’ve thought of you constantly as well as Nat, Isaac and all the familiar names of the girls in the Main Day Boarding school. There is no doubt that part of our hearts are there with those beautiful people. Thank you for the connection to West Bengal.

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