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K.C. Miller

April 8, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation: Genshai

I have now come to the realization of how entirely spoiled I am in America. The kids in our schools have hardly anything at all. The schools they are “taught” in are run-down, and poor with poverty painted over every wall. There is no electricity in the school I am in because the bill couldn’t be paid. The children stay warm during the winter in these schools with a stove you would see in a camping tent- one of these stoves broke the other day while we were there. All of the school supplies in the school can be seen in one small corner in the room. There are about 25 children and only about 10 desks. During lunch the kids get one scoop of some sort of yellow rice thing, and that’s it. The students don’t have more than one set of clothes, with the exception of a few who happen to have two. The kid’s clothes are all dirty, torn, too big, or too small. And yet with all of this going on, they are the happiest people I have ever met. I have the greatest love in the world for these children. I love seeing their eager-to-learn faces light up when they get an answer right, or when they give high fives. The LOVE to give high fives, and shake hands. When we come to visit the schools every day, these children run and touch our feet and say “good morning sir” or “Good morning Ma’am”. They also love to take pictures and they try to steal our cameras at times. It is SO much fun to play and take photo shoots with them. They all call me “K.C. M” because Casey Ashcraft is in my group- they just call her “Casey”. I could write multiple pages for every kid in our school, but I can’t, so I will just focus on one named Dhani. Dhani is an older boy who is extremely athletic. His father is a drunk and hasn’t been seen in years, and he literally might have nothing besides the clothes on his back. His real Mom died, and his step mom doesn’t even care about him. He is my little buddy, and we play volleyball together. I wish I could just pack him in my suit case and take him home with me! He is a kid that deserves better in his life and I know I was supposed to reach out to him as part of my many missions in life. You guys should see the kids when they kick a ball off the edge of the school’s playground down a steep cliff that is probably over 300 feet. They literally risk their lives for soccer balls and sprint down this cliff at full-speed, ignoring barbed wire, drop offs, slippery slopes, and spikey bushes. I wish I could write more, but I’m not much of a blogger… (is that a word?). No amount of pages can really illustrate all that’s happening here so this will have to do! I love it here, and wish I had more time with the kids. I Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it and show you my many pictures.

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