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It has been an amazing couple last days

December 1, 2011 - All Posts, 2011 Operation Prakash

Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hello everyone, I can not believe I’m going to be home in three days. It went by way to fast and I loved every second of it. I’m going to miss India and my YMAD family. I hope we are all going to stay in touch and be friends. It has been an amazing couple last days. We had stuff to cry about and laugh as well. It was way sad and hard to say good bye to so many awesome girls that I fell in love with. I really do hope that I have made a difference. I will never forget the faces of the little girls that were having so much fun while I was teaching them. They gave me a better perspective on life, my education, and my relationship with my family and friends. During this couple of short weeks I have learned many lessons that I would never learn anywhere else. For the last couple of days we were in tiger camp, looking for tigers….. zero were seen while we spend about 15 hours on the boat. Now we are on our way back to Kolkata and I’m getting really sick from the smooth ride… well we got about 4 hours on this bus so I better get used to it. I miss you Alicia and Neil and I can’t wait to see both of you. Mom we need to have some serious snuggle time. Love you and I hope you still remember that I’m coming home this Saturday. Love, Inna

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