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India Survival Tips, Vol. Two (Blake Sykes)

April 23, 2014 - All Posts, 2014 Operation: Shaanti

1. Learn to Play Perudo
Chad brought a game called Perudo. It involves dice and lying. I hate it. I have been hearing dice roll constantly for the last two days. Jacob has been up until 1:00am two nights in a row rolling his life away. Pls halp. They won’t stop.

2. Tent or House, it’s all the same to me

We aren’t staying in five star hotels, but we have beds. The tents also have running water, and decent toilets. These people know how to build a campsite.

3. Curry. Rice That Tastes Like Curry. Noodles That Taste Like Curry. And, Tortillas  That Taste Like Curry.

Yup. It’s all the same to me. The Indian people like to use their seasonings to their fullest potential.

4. When Playing Full Court Basketball Against The Native Population, Play The Whole Court.

We played some ball against the locals. The hoops looked like they were 10’6” and they clearly were not level. Our opponents also played with six players, three on each side of the court, tossing cherry picks every time. It was quite a workout.

5. Volleyball?

I don’t understand how, but apparently a large portion of the villagers I have seen can play volleyball. I have yet to see a single net, or a ball for that matter. But every time they get their hands on one of the soccer balls we brought, they immediately point and say volleyball. Then they proceed to pepper back and forth. They are pretty good.

6. Oats.

For anyone who doesn’t know, oatmeal is my favorite food. I brought some on the trip to eat when I get lonely and need some comfort. I ate a whole box (10 packets) of instant oatmeal this morning.

7. Goodbye Will Never Be An Easy Concept

Tuesday will be our last day with the kids at our schools. They already followed us all the way to our car after school on Friday to say goodbye to us. I had to close the door between me and Anil. Anil who ran all the way home, got dressed, then ran all the way to where our car was waiting, just so he could gives us each a hug. He always says, “Blake. My friend. Anil. Blake’s friend.”

We had to close the back door of our vehicle and watch him and the other kids waving goodbye from the back window.

I don’t want to have to do it on Tuesday.

But what else can I do?

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