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I Think We Are The Only White People Here

March 31, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Zinda

So there we were in the airport of India and little Ms. Mawory turns to me and whispers, “I think we are the only white people in here.” And I had to remind my poor beautiful sister, “Sister please… I’m Asian…(-o-)”

Today was Holli (Festival of Colors to you white kids at home). We are in our small little village and on the roads all day long native bros and gals come down with chalk of all different amazing colors. They say Happy Holli and wipe the chalk on your face. They even did it to the cute little doggies around town.

We got everyone together to do a service project in the Jibhi school! The school was huge and there was trash feeerrr dayzz. We took about 8 trash bags or so out of it.

I was so excited to finally use my Go pro today. Greg’s bag with all the adapters was still in customs, but Greg took my go pro and charged it up for me. Everybody was crazy going all over the place! Watch the video when we get back.

We have a waterfall only a 5-10 minute walk away from camp out the backside. You see it on tv/pictures all the time, but this was real. I had to touch all the plants around me to prove that we didn’t just end up in Hollywood. We actually took a shower in it after the Holli fight.

I was always scared. Scared of if the kids would even like another brown kid. They really just want to see the white kids right? Racist or not, it was something I was actually worried about. I was scared of not having Ymad like me. They always said wait till India and things will turn out and they were right.

My kids grab my arms, tackle me for  candy, laugh at how much of a goof I am, and just love me like I am their brother. It sucked when a couple of the kids here got to visit their schools during Holli. My School is a twenty minute drive and then a beautiful hike for another 10-15 minutes. Its funny because I used to hate hiking, I have a good feeling that I will be in the mountains when I get home. The mountains are so freaking beautiful. You could take a week alone just to take in the one view. The pictures will do nothing for you. This is you only understand when you experience it things.

Two nights ago I woke up worrying and freaking out. I was for sure that someone in camp was hurt or that something had happen to my own family back home. Nate had to calm me down and then I was back to normal.

When your up here you realize a lot more of what matters and what doesn’t matter. All those things we worry about everyday is not worth it. It’s a joke. Money, dates, games, tv, vacation, sports, jobs, and education. Controversial right? No those things are important at the right time and place. Here it is peaceful and so perfect. The only worry I have is will my poopy flush and should I eat curry with rice or rice with curry. I have looked in a mirror maybe three times. Two for pimple poppin and the other to shave my horrible itchy mexi stache and chin fuzz. Only Stewie and a couple of the other guys can rock the facial hair.

I had a couple goals before India and while I have been here. I was to give it my hardest and try to know everybody here. I remember when we had a group talk to us less than a week of being back. They told me all their regrets. I can say the only regret I have is bringing my sleeping bag and winter coat! I haven’t used them once. They take up to much space and I’d prefer to leave em here. You lose attachment to many things even your pimpest of all pimp full white Asian suits haha. Anyway I have had a cough and everybody has been constantly asking me if I am okay… That is the coolest thing in the world to know that I have over 30 people here with me that love me that much. I always have someone on my side. Its just like having a real family. People tell me how cool I am and that my parents would be proud of all the good I do here. I always have that awkward oh you too thing going on when I wish I could say how amazing each person is here. Every single person has something about them that this group could not survive without. (Individualization I know dad) I can sit all day long doing nothing with these people and be fine. People say they don’t want to go home, but I do. I want to get more people here to show them what Ymad has done for me. The one thing I am excited for most is in heaven when they show the picture movies of people lives that they will finally be able to understand how much people do for them without telling them. I think so much of Gretta when I say that and I see a red thread everyday, atleast ten or more fo real. I think of Jody, Rob, and James for starting the organization and continuing it everyday. My parents who worked so hard for everything in my life. I can’t wait to give the kids the gifts they made for them. And I appreciate everything they have taught me so far. I’m going to regret saying this cuz I’m a  hippocrite, but you can be thankful all you want, but if you never tell that person.. than your thought is meaningless. How will they ever know or understand. Sooner or later you lose those people that take care of you and love you. Either because of natural cause or because they want to be recognized. Why hurt the ones you care about the most?

Sorry I talk for like eva I know I do. The thing to get out of this is to stop saying, “Oh Service or a Humanitarian trip WOULD be great.” Get yourselves into it. There is no excuse. I already plan on coming back, but to new areas and to new countries all over the world. There is good everywhere and in every person if  you give them the time, love, effort, and appreciation that we all deserve or never got. We all have hearts, even the gingers. Plan to see you soon if you even ever read this I can say I don’t care ahahha no offense. Do work. I approve this message and verify it to published any where with all proceeds to me/the orphans. Amen.


Zach(ieechan) Minnick

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