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April 1, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Zinda

So as you can probably tell I got wet today… Basically I woke up, had some breakfast and then I spilled water all over myself. I then went to school where I taught the little children and we had a jolly time. Because it was our last day it got pretty emotional, I was doing pretty well until the kids finally got that we were not going to come back and they started to cry. So as expected everyone started to cry, including myself, so again I got wet with tears. I had such a great time teaching those kids. I will never for forget my boys!! Latesh, Papu, and Pawan, it was crazy how much I bonded with them in just a weeks time. When we got back to camp my bro kip and I decided to go fishing. The very first cast we caught a rainbow trout and it was decently sized but kip decided to let it go, I tried to fish but ill be honest, I suck and am just going to stick with Frisbee. Anyway kip caught a couple more small fish and then while we were trying to jump from rock to rock I fell in and it wasn’t a very fun experience.
Well I got to go but I’m having a blast and am stoked to teach in the blind school tomorrow and start our tour of India.

Keep it steezy!

Bennett Holcomb

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