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I Can Hear Them, I Am Home.

April 23, 2014 - All Posts, 2014 Operation: Shaanti

This past week has been the most amazing week of my life! I didn’t think it would be like this at all, but it has been more than I could ever dream of. Jibhi Camp is honestly the most beautiful place, I wish it was more acceptable for girls to go places alone because I could go on some pretty amazing adventures to write in my journal, since it’s the only thing I am known for. I have about 100 pages about the trip and then 1 page for each of my 27 kids, I am in love with them all. I don’t even know what to say. My own children will never even compare to these kids, they are beautiful! Inside and out, it amazes me how humble everyone in India is, but especially the children. Every morning they would kiss our feet and say Namaste, it was adorable and was amazing, they were humble enough to kiss my feet and tell me that they think I am a God.
Today, we did the cultural exchange at each school and it was fun to see every school and all the kids everyone has been talking about nonstop all week. At Tim’s school there is a Dimple and she walked out of the school doors and latched onto my arm, it was the cutest thing of my life. I didn’t even know her and she just showed me so much love it was adorable, and I kinda wish she was at my school so I could play with her all the time. After each hike to the schools the pink team was the first ones up to the top every time, but I kinda screwed myself over on that one because on our hike, it was the hardest thing ever, my ankle just wouldn’t give as much as it usually would. I burst into tears, surprise surprise, NOT! I cry at every stinkin thing I swear, it sucks because all my friends never cry so I just feel like the biggest baby ever! But I started to hear the kids and thought in my mind, “I can hear them, I am home.” Honestly that is the only thing that got me through the hike. Well other than my ankle giving out and Ruby literally pushing me up the hill to my kids, they were lined at the top looking down on me. But then Emily Pace started the kids chanting, ”Jordyn Jordyn Jordyn.” I was bawling hysterically, my whole pink team was at the top with my kids looking down on me cheering for me. I got to the top and I saw my baby girl Sunita and it was all worth it! She is the light of my life and I don’t know how I am going to say goodbye. She has stolen my heart but I don’t want it back, not one piece of it.

When we got to our school Pink Team was playing non stop with our kids, we were the only ones to really play with our kids, and It just made it all worth it. I was looking around at all the kids when we were singing but then I look back at my girls Lalita, Kryshalia, and Durga. They were all 3 in tears, so I looked over at Cookie and we were instantly in tears! After we had a dance party and Subash SMILED, I got him to smile which is kinda huge because he is a punk and never wants to play with us. Everyone left to go back to their schools and we tried to have our review lessons, but that went horrible. I taught by myself and let’s just say I had no control over the kids so I gave them my tablet and let them do whatever they wanted. Because I didn’t want to calm them down and I can’t say no to them when they ask for it.

After school we finished up painting and our wall is amazing, Emily Pace is a beautiful artist and I think the kids are going to love it! We did find a HUGE spider again today but being here in India for 8 days we have become pretty used to all the bugs constantly around us, spiders are nothing. On our hike down, I was silent because my ankle had exploded and I was in so much pain, Tanner offered to carry me down the hill but I imagined too many bad scenarios to take him up on that offer. When we finally reached the bottom my crazy team sat on top of the car the whole ride home, Natalie even got up there, Deepika and I sat in the car and had one of the funniest conversations I have ever had. When we got back to Jibhi camp everyone hopped off the car and their faces said it all. Do not ride on top of a car in India, you will regret it!

After we got back I just wanted to sleep the rest of the day but I am in India I wasn’t going to waste one of the few days I have here sleeping. So I went up to Danbabe’s school and helped paint for a little, but I got bored and Ashby and I went over to play some basketball. I am proud to say that I am better than him! But my ankle started hurting even more so Phebs helped me put my brace on and I came back to camp. It was so peaceful because no one was at camp, so I wrote in my journal for awhile then when everyone started showing up we pulled out Perudo, its basically the only thing we do. But I am probably the worst player because I have only won twice when Jake and Kaleb have won 1000 games.

Today has been both the best and the worst day of the trip. It was the best because 1. I  got to visit everyone’s schools. 2 I got to spend the whole day with all of Shaanti. 3 It was finally warm again. 4. Sunita. And it was the worst because my ankle + a lot of hiking didn’t end too well. I am in so much pain it’s not even funny. But it’s worth it!

I love it here and am not excited to say goodbye tomorrow and leave Jibhi camp. I will miss it so much!!

xoxo Jordie

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Jordyn 2nd 1
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Jordyn 2nd


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