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Green, Red and Blue: India From My Point of View By Braden Hudspeth

November 29, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

Green, Red and Blue: India From My Point of View

Braden Hudspeth


As we go through life, we see a world unique to ourselves. Sometimes we see a moment and try to go back, although the time has passed. Our eyes open and close for a slight second in an attempt to see that magical moment just one more time. In that moment I find myself in a panic, tearing open my eyelids to a sadness that I most likely will never see that same magic again. Quickly comes a realization that I may be able to feel a similar feeling from a different moment in time down the road, somewhere in my own story. I first attempted to make an analogy to a camera, the cameras have inspired me and brought some powerful thoughts as I run around trying to capture moments in people’s life. A small little trinket to remind people to chase that feeling they felt sitting in dirt with their best friends sharing knowledge of English, Hindi, love, kindness, understanding and friendship. That moment may never appear again, but we have all learned something that brings happiness to the soul, to remember that will take us a long way; I can attest the fact.


India encompasses a soul filling experience with a side dish of the most beautiful sights, a dessert of the world’s most happy, hardworking and loving people and an entire 75 course meal of everything that feels so right. Everything here argues with western ideas of life in a way that fulfills a void in my soul. Here, accommodation is not a burden, yet a pleasure that every human deserves. India is home to people who don’t back down from life’s challenges. It’s a land overflowing with courage. Our friends here would move the Himalayas if that is what was called of them. Being in Kullu and Manali is a special experience. This is where Raj is from and lives. This is where we have the joy to see the locals honor Raj and his friends as we go throughout the markets. This is where everyone shakes his hand and babbles some Hindi (This part I like to think is something cool, but honestly don’t know.) Kullu is beautiful along with Manali. I’m not even kidding. We hung with some cows at a local Shiva temple at the top of the hill the other day, and I thought to myself how cool it would be to be a cow here. I mean one day when I’m reincarnated as a cow, I hope I get to roam the step roads of Kullu. If I’m well fed, I may just get to wander to the top of the hill to hang with my cow buddies by the temple. Occasionally see a plane or two at the airport down below. Watch the clouds climb over surrounding Himalayan hill tops and eat the tasty grass. Maybe go watch some crazy dudes get wild in their Suzuki Gypsy’s (Raj seems to think he can go anywhere in it ((He definitely can’t haha)) but I mean I wouldn’t mind trading my civic for one). Back to being a cow, in short, the point is, this place is so cool, to watch and see, to be apart now that is a whole new animal and I am incredibly grateful that I have.


From running around Pecha’s dirt courtyard, to trying to play nice with the sun at Chansari, and falling up the abundance of stairs at Bandal, I had the experience of a lifetime trying to capture photos. And I’m not kidding about the stair part, I literally fell up the stairs at least ten times. It’s funny the connection you can feel when trying to take pictures of someone as they give their all teaching English lessons. That isn’t all though, I then get to go watch Raj as he has a bakery tore down to ensure that Ashley’s birthday cake doesn’t contact nuts. We then swung by the shops and get all the kids new supplies. We even got to go to a school in the city and give out our remaining school and hygiene kits to the kids there. That was a cool experience, and awesome that we had enough supplies for that school as well. India is rad and everyone should be rad just like India. Happy Thanksgiving call someone and tell them what your grateful for today. Thank you!


Braden Hudspeth




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