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Foggy Glasses – Caleigh Burton

August 8, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Hanuman

The first day we met the Mountain Girls we got a slight handshake. The last day with the Mountain Girls we got hugs, tears, and kisses on our cheeks. It’s been a wonderful week with theses beautiful girls. This is a place where I can be anyone I want to be and no one is judging because they have never been around me before. I chose make it great.
I remind myself over and over that goodbyes are only temporary. We had a cultural exchange with the girls. While we were singing “On Top of the World” I looked over at Premei and she smiled back at me and gave me a thumbs up. These girls are not going home the same girls, and I am not going home the same Caleigh. The moment then came… that awful moment we all dread and hope never comes.

Krishna came up to me and gave me a hug and said, “I will remember you.” Tears started down my face and she said, “Don’t cry.” How could I not cry? I had to let all my girls go back into the real world. I wanted to badly to put Krishna in my backpack and take her home with me. After a few more hugs with the girls, Krishna came back and wrapped her arms around me. She hugged tighter and we wiped each other’s tears. I took her hand in mine, and as I slowly walked away our fingers grew apart.

I’ve had foggy glasses all evening from the tears that keep coming. The ache of always wanting to be with them will never go away.

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  1. Miss you. Can’t wait to hear of your experiences. Travel safely. Love Dad

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