You know I love my Meds.

Paige Beckstrom Alright so we had about an hour layover in Korea, and the first thing I did was went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and I had gotten my medicine bag out for who knows why, and set it on the counter. I finished brushing my teeth and… yeah I forgot my whole medicine bag in the Korean Airport. JJJJ So If I come home with malaria, scabies, worms, lice, or pretty much any other disease.. which could be anything. You will know why because I don’t have any medicine, and you know I love my meds.

On a happier note, I couldn’t help but smile the whole way here. Whether it was on our 18 hour plane ride, 12 hour car ride, or waiting in the airport, everywhere I go I feel like all I can do is smile. I don’t think I have ever been this happy. I’ve noticed that the kids hardly have anything, and yet they are the happiest kids I have ever seen! On one of the plane rides here I was sitting next to this Indian man and he was just asking about where we were going and what we were going to do, and so I had told him we were going to India and that we were teaching English to kids in different villages, and all he could say is “Wow! That is incredible. You are so blessed.” He had told me I was so blessed countless times. During my journey on this trip so far I have realized how blessed I really am, and how I can’t believe that I am actually here in India!! Honestly the Himalaya mountains are THE most beautiful place ever seen. I feel like I am in a movie every time I look around me. It really is unreal how beautiful it is! I love love love India and couldn’t be more happy to be here!

Much love to all of my friends and family back at home. LOVE you all so much!