YMAD - Pathway of Dreams

Things are going really well here. Today I went to a village called Chandipur in the morning and we taught the education workshops on math, ( time telling, counting addition/subtraction and multiplication ) we played the blob game and then hokey pokey. The we went on a walking tour of the village. It is one of the poorest areas of West Bengal and all three families that we visited had children that had dropped out of school after 3rd grade and had to work sewing and beading Sari's. it takes them approx. 24 hours of labor to finish one Sari's and they get 140 Rupees or about 3 dollars per Sari. ( 24 hrs work = $3.00 - yup that's right hours per dollar not dollars per hour ). I am living on about 5 hours sleep per night - had a coke today ;). Then in the afternoon we go over to the Day Boarding school - Tongdala in Baruipur, west Bengal, it is an all girls school and we teach them and the nurse in our group did a midwife class with 15 women who walked 6 hours to come to class. We spent part of the afternoon working on a brick pathway and patio area. It was fun to teach the kids how to lay bricks and sand grout them. ( pulled a string line and everything, just happen to have some string in my pack - all that boy scout training I have ;) came in handy - oh yeah and the practice building brick patios. We named it the YMAD path of dreams. We had everyone helping, even two girls from the school jumped right in and helped carry the bricks and do the sand grouting. It amazes me how much you can get done when you work as a team with a common goal ( and throw in a little fun and humor for good measure ). I am so grateful to be here again and appreciate all the love and support from home that made this trip possible. It is so inspiring and fulfilling to see the teens learn to communicate with the school children through a look, a touch or a smile instead of just words. These children will always remember the feeling of giving and receiving true love and charity. My heart is full tonight. Nameste to all. Love - Chad