Yellow Team Update (Kris Albrecht)

 The Yellow Team is doing an amazing job! We are Zach, Kase, Rachael, Emily, McKaylee and Abel and our fearless leader is Kris. We have the largest school and we think our kids are the smartest. We actually have some older kids who can translate for us! Vynayak is our actual translator and we would be dead in the water without him. We all owe him a huge debt because he has made our efforts successful.

Our first two days we weren’t as prepared with our supplies as we would have liked, but we learned the fine arts of improvisation and of working with what was available.

Our children were quite wary of us on the first day and the teachers were less than friendly, but we won them all over and now they are so excited and happy when we come. Today we had people on the hillside, on rooftops and actually on the school grounds watching us perform with and for their children. It was heartwarming to see the smiles on the faces of the children as well as their parents.

We are fortunate to be assigned to the blind children at the school for the deaf and the blind in the afternoon. It is typically the highlight of our day to see how these girls respond to the activities we introduce. Today we brought a ball that has a beeper inside it so they can hear where it is. They LOVED it!! We started out sitting in a circle and just rolling it back and forth to each other. Eventually the girls were throwing it and making up their owns games. Their smiles were huge!

Parents, you need to know how delighted I am to be working with your kids.

They have all stepped up and have done so well. They turn into adults while we are working, even though they are still teens after hours. Abel is a calming influence even while he ‘s an enthusiastic teacher. Zach exudes so much love for the children and their country and culture. Rachael is now called the Hindi word for big sister by her girls. Emily is pure enthusiasm for everything she’s doing (with the exception of doing eye tests on the little kids). McKaylee is so easy going and agreeable about everything. Kase is our comic relief element. She keeps us all laughing. I hope I can convince all of them to return home. Zach has admitted that he’s in love with the children. Several others are in the same boat with him. If they don’t come home, it will be India’s gain for sure. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure they are all returned to you).

This is an experience of a lifetime for us and one that we’ll not soon forget. We hope we will leave memories behind that won’t be forgotten by these children either.

Kris Albrecht