There is truly something special about India. Last night we discussed the definition of happiness here. It finally clicked in my mind that true happiness comes with the realization that it is not about WHAT you have, it is about WHO you have. The people here have so little, yet they are so happy. It's because they need their family and community, and really nothing more. It never ceases to amaze me how genuine, warm, and real the smiles are here. That is going to be the thing that I miss most; how beautiful their smiles are. The simplest act of love means the world to these children. I gave a little boy named Purshotam a piggy back around the whole school. I was in awe how happy that had made him. I could just see the pure happiness and joy in his eyes. It is something that I wish i could just take a picture of and have forever. here is a list of my 10 favorite experiences:

1. We took a group hike the most gorgeous waterfall.

2. I got to Dance with our translators named Anupa and Dipica. They taught me some of their native dances. Lets's just say I am as white as they come

3.  Hiking to the top of this hike and watching the stars with my best friends one night in the pitch black with no lights was one of the most adventurous things I've ever done

4. In the schools, one little boy was falling asleep, and came up to me and asked if I would hold him. As I was holding him, I just started singing to him as he looked me righting the eyes. It was one of the most beautiful moments

5. Running down the mountain after the pouring rain and sliding down the whole way down with my group screaming "YOU ONLY INDIA ONCE!!"

6. Killing a spider as big as my hand in my room on my very own…. which is a very big deal for me to say in the least.

7. Hearing Lalita, Digvije, and Ghirdheli tell me they loved me and I was their sister while hugging and kissing me.

8. I had the opportunity to watch a funeral right outside of my camp, what a spiritual experience to see their culture celebrate life and death.

9. Painting a mural in my school.

10. In connection with number 9, while painting, we had a paint fight which ended up everywhere, including my eyelashes which are now stained yellow. Need less to say, I have never been stared at more.

love and miss everyone at home...

but I'm not coming back…

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