Worth Every Sacrifice - Paul Sadleir

44 hours of traveling, months and months of preparation, fundraising, workshops, rickshaws etc. but we are finally here and it has already been worth every sacrifice. Words will never due justice the amazing adventure it has been just to get here to the little village of Chamba. The Indiana Jones SUV ride along the Himalayan cliffs was as close as I have ever felt to death. To say that the mountains tower over us would be an understatement. Instead of trying to describe how wonderful this place is and how much I love these girls, I will just relate a quick experience.

There are two girls from another village, Kullu, who are staying with us here at the NHPC, but the other girls from Chamba are just with us from 9-5. Poonam and Lata are the names of the girls from Kullu and they have a big exam after they are down with their time here with us. I was helping Poonam do her homework last night; she is a beautiful 14 year old girl who was super shy, but throughout the night she opened up a lot and started to let her personality show. She is really smart and it was so fun just having that one on one time with her and helping with her English. Unfortunately, she found out that I was ticklish… that was the end of me. She hasn’t left me in peace since then and keeps sneaking up on me and tickling me. All the girls are so adorable and have so much goodness in them. It is amazing how much there is to learn from their love and simplistic lifestyle. Anyway… India is great, I am already dreading the day of coming back home. Blogging is not my thing, I’m done now.