Woo Hoo!! -Kelcie Cheney

Woo Hoo!! We only have one more flight after the one we are currently on! We were all loaded on the plane to San Francisco when they announced there was a leak and that we would be officially de-planed… so, we got off and had about a half hour wait until we could get on a different plane. From San Francisco, we flew about 12 hours to South Korea. It was sweet! The airport was so clean and the people are very kind. Everything was automatic! We had to put our hand on the drinking fountain sensor in order for it to come out. A Korean woman kept putting her hand on it, pulling away and then laughing so hard! Haha!! It’s nice to know we all smile and laugh in the same language!! We took videos of all of us dancing Gangnam style! It’s weird to think we just saw our parents only a day ago and yet, it’s Tuesday here! From South Korea, we flew to Singapore. We weren’t able to spend as much time there, but we did see a Buddhist Monk, which was very interesting! We are now on our way to Delhi! From Delhi, we take a short flight to Amritsar, then drive to Chamba and after many hours sitting, we will be glad to finally meet the people of India!!:)