Winners and Losers: Melissa

To try and put into words the many thoughts, feelings and emotions I have been able to experience so far would be a miracle in and of its self. Our village Kochpukur is AMAZING!!! Who knew paradise could exist in India. Our team has been blessed seriously with the most amazing translator her name as we call her is “Kutie”. We love her and would be lost with out her. Kutie has helped us so much learn and understand the people we are able to love and serve around us. Our village feels so small but we have been told it has approximately 1,200 families. Most families have at least 2 kids, so in our small village there are about 5,200 people living here, most of the families are farmers and our village is known for producing white guava. Having Kutie on the Purple team is a big win!  

Traveling to our village is always an adventure where we frequently get our groove on as we listen to Shakira and sing at the top of our lungs “Dare you”. I was warned about the crazy driving but had no idea what I was in for so needless to say anything that can distract me from the thought of not dying while on the road is a win. As we near our first school of the day and see our beautiful kids smiling and eager to learn seriously make my heart feel like it is about ready to just jump out of my body because of the joy I feel. Watching my teens interact with the children, I am touched by the love and deep connections I see growing so quickly and know this is definitely a win experience. Chick-a-chick-a-boom-boom, Princess Pat, hooky polky and my personal favorite the famous foot ball game where USA plays and beats India. Big WIN, but that depends on whom you ask. However pictures don’t lie. (Ask you teens about that one.) Leaving our village school everyday is bitter sweet, however we are always super excited to get to the Main Day Boarding School.   Why you may ask? Because we get more fabulous cultural music and we get to see our precious group of super smart girls. Oh, how we love them. They are seriously the most amazing girls ever. To say they are smart would be an understatement. Every day I realize that our teaching is quickly coming to an end and I am not quite sure how saying good-bye on Monday will fly with my team. I honestly do not want that day to come so today we will not even think about. I am so impressed with how our teens have memorized so many of the girls’ names. Laughing, dancing, teasing and being called best friend. Win!

Here are a few of my favorite words to describe the amazing kids on the purple team


Oli-Engaging, connected, stalwart leader, reliable and despite all- come what may and love it!


Cole-Living in the moment, pure bliss, playful, embracing the culture.


Tori-Selfless, inspiring, joyful, easing going, always has positive attitude.


Alexis- is a ray of sunshine, totally rock star, genuine heart, always has a smile on her face.


Maddie- Eager to be with the children, tender heart, good listener, a true friend to all!


Kausha- Detail oriented, soft hearted, Patient, Genuinely interested in the lives of our villagers.


So all in all there are no losers here, only BIG Winners!!!