Will Pittam

I’m saying this in advance: I’m sorry if any of this is weird because I just woke up and have no idea how long I’ve been out or where the heck I am :P. Right now, we’re on a bus from Rishikesh to Delhi, where we’ll be shopping and getting on a plane to go back to the good old U.S. and A. I’m excited to go back, but I’ve loved every second I’ve been here, and will really miss it. This has been a truly amazing experience. The kids we worked with are incredible and have so much potential. They are so bright, loving, and happy, and saying good-bye to them was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I really hope our work here can lay a base for something that will change their lives forever. I’ve also come to love the rest of the people of India. They are able to live simply and help each other out. Opposed to the “Me, Me, Me” mentality of Americans, they have a mentality of “We, We, We.” Seeing that concept in action makes me want to live like that back home

This experience has been incredible and I’m grateful for everyone who made it happen from the Baird and Davis families, Raj, Rakesh, all the adult leaders, the translators, and all the YMAD kids. I love you all! . I’ve learned so much here, and my outlook has changed in many things. I’ve really come to love this country and want to come back someday. As our cricket buddies from Shillai would chant, “This is My India”