Who needs electricity anyways?

KIM DEAN I finally have a clean change of clothes! And especially after our Holi fight (aka the festival of colors), I really needed it! Apart from getting 5 different colors of chalk in my eyes and mouth, I had a really good time celebrating Holi in INDIA! I definitely thought that things couldn’t get much better until we all decided to hike about 10 minutes to a really secluded and beautiful waterfall to rinse off. (Don’t worry parents, we were all fully clothed.) The water was SO COLD but we were numb after a little while, so it wasn’t so bad. Electricity is kind of an iffy thing here in Jibhi, and it just so happened that there was none when we went to warm up in a hot shower. That’s okay though because it builds character!

I’ve decided that Indian days are shorter than American days. Maybe it’s just because we are going strong all day long, but once we get back from our schools we only have a little time before dinner, and then we hit the sack. Even though I’m pretty worn out by the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way! If I had it my way I would never leave the schools. It’s honestly SO amazing how attached to these kids I’ve become. All I can think about 24/7 is how the kids are doing and what I can do to make them happy. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE! I love everyone in the U.S., but these kids are a lot cuter.